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  1. Mine regularly gets mis identified as a Volvo 🤣
  2. No not many at all, there is quite a few skylines getting around up here but I think my stagea is the only one
  3. Hey guys, been a long time lurker, im located in darwin ,I currently have a r34 in storage in vic that I inherited from my father when he passed away, I also have a series 1 stagea rs4 that I purchased a few weeks ago cheap as it needs lots of work, I have decided to go nuts on the stagea as its a bit of a sleeper and doesn't attract as much attention as the skyline. Get ready for a lot of quest as I am trying to learn as much as I can about the platforms. Cheers Daryl
  4. ZOOM ZOOM, Im looking at the haltech for the same reason, my tuner has never tuned a auto stagea and asked how many solinoids the auto has, would you happen to know how many solinids the series 1 stagea has and what the transmission actually is
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