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  1. He said that there was no reason to go bigger than drop in cams as he had managed to get up around 650kw with these cams so going bigger just wasn't necessary.
  2. The guy that's going to tune the car has recommended Tomei poncams type B. i know these arent a forum favorite but will probably go for them since thats what the tuner is comfortable with.
  3. VCAM looks amazing but I think it might be out of budget sadly.
  4. The head will be rebuilt so if there's work like that then it should be easy enough to get it done. i forgot to mention in my last post that driveabilty a street manners including fuel economy will be more important than absolute performance and things like wanting a lumpy idle.
  5. Now with the turbo decided. What cams would you recommend to match an EFR8374 with 1.05 AR on an RB26?
  6. I saw some really good reviews on set ups like that. Hopefully the lack of vcam won’t affect it too much. mum almost through reading the EFR v2 thread. There is a lot of info in there. The internal vs external gate is interesting. Internal seems easier and cheaper and some of the people seem to swear by them, but the tuners I’m using think external is better so that’s what I will go for. I’m trying to get my head around the twin or single wastegate for the twin scroll manifold. I can see how in theory twins mean you retain a true twin scroll set up but as far as I can see, as soon as the gate opens then the twin scroll disappears and isn’t needed anyway. The tuners I’m using have said to use one wastegate. The engine, fitting and custom fabrication is being done by Hi-power and the tuning will be done by NDT developments. Both in Auckland. They were companies recommended to me.
  7. I could be wrong with the turbo number but the tuner did mention going down to a 7xxx turbo which would beat -7 twins in every way. But he said it’s always better to go one size up as most people end up wishing they had.
  8. Yeah, if I stayed with twins it would have been to save money and keep the engine bay looking stock. The EFR twin set ups look really cool but out of budget and don’t seem to make sense compared to running one bigger one. Pretty cool for show cars and things like that though.
  9. Yeah, that makes sure. I think part of me was hoping people on here would say not to worry about it. That the 10 extra kw aren’t worth the effort. Sadly it seems that’s not the case haha.
  10. After talking to the guy who’s going to tune it and the guy doing the work I’ve been convinced to go for a 8374. It’s way more power than I expected to get but reading up it seems like a pretty exciting option. I’m halfway through the 130 odd pages in the EFR thread and am amazed at the results. There seems to be a feeling that the IWG options aren’t as good as the EWG ones. But I’m guessing there would be some cost savings with the IWG especially vs a twin external wastegate set up. Does anyone have any experience with the 8374 IWG vs EWG. Is there cost savings? Is there performance sacrifices? Is a twin wastegate setup needed for a twin scroll 8374?
  11. After speaking with the guy doing the work and the guy tuning it. I’ve decided to go with a 8374. It’s way more than what I thought I would want but it seems a really good option and I can always turn down the boost I guess.
  12. What did you end up going with?
  13. That’s pretty much the exact combo I plan to do.
  14. Cheers guys. I think you can see the dilemma. For performance, a single is the obvious choice. But I feel like the twins should be enough to make the car more than enough fun for me and if I can keep it looking original there is an appeal to me for that. with the twins I can leave the engine bay looking stock and it would almost be a bit of a sleeper. Not that a GTR is a very good base for a sleeper.
  15. Thanks. It wasn’t exactly what I planned to get but when I saw it was a V-spec in black I decided to get it.
  16. What were your results with this turbo, if you don’t mind me asking?
  17. Cheers for the great response. After spending countless hours looking for twin turbo stuff I’m pretty new to anything to do with single turbo set ups. The 400rwkw I sort of just plucked out of the air. But anything in the 350-400 range would be amazing. At these power levels are driveline upgrades needed? The gas will be 98. It’s wildly available here unlike E85. There is also a new fuel supplier offering 100 octane petrol but i haven’t looked into it. Looks like I will have to reacquaint myself with the dyno thread again.
  18. Hey guys, I’ve been a long term lurker on this site and finally bought a black V-spec R32 GTR, with the only mods being a cat back and headunit. I plan to modify the car to increase performance but with mods that can be taken back to factory if I like. A lot of questions are likely to be about part choices at the moment so any help with that stuff would be very much appreciated.
  19. Hi there. I’ve been a long time lurker on this site and finally bought a stock standard R32 GTR. I plan to do bolt on mods that make it perform better but I want to be able to return the car to stock if needed. Big question at the moment is which turbos to go with. I was pretty set on going with -9 turbos. This is mainly based on stuff I’ve read on this forum over the last couple of years. But I liked the fact they should perform well (300awkw, would make it a very fast car by my standards) and I can keep the engine bay looking factory. The guys tuning the car think it’s silly to not go single. But I have the following concerns. 1, drivetrain issues. From what I’ve read on here at 300-330awkw the driveline should be pretty safe at that level. I plan to go to a nismo clutch. At 400awkw am I pushing the factory driveline too far and should upgrade it? 2, will the car have to be cut or modified in anyway to fit the single? I don’t want to make any changes that can’t be bolted back to factory if I can avoid it. 3, what turbo would you recommend? Which singles will be similarly responsive as -9 but be able to provide more kw up top? I know the usual reaction is to mention to search these things but truthfully I’ve spent a crazy amount of time reading up on this stuff and now my wallet if finally about to start being emptied any more info would be very much appreciated. Also this is likely to be first of a few looking for help choosing parts on this build.
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