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    The only thing that they are good for.
  2. Hi Tim You need to go to a dealer to get a valuation from them and some dealers will charge you for it as well. If you know a dealer (preferably one that sells Skylines) then maybe they can help you. If you know anyone at C-Red then they may be able to help as last time I checked they had a Dealers License. Hope this helps
  3. On the news tonight there is a story of a hoons car being crushed in Perth by the police for the first time..
  4. Hi All Just got the dily email for Fuel Watch and they are advising that BP and hiking up there prices again. From Fuel Watch email. "ULP PRICE MOVEMENT ALERT ======================== A number of BP sites are hiking their ULP prices tomorrow by up to 13 cpl to 109.9 cpl. Tomorrow there will be over 230 sites selling below tomorrow's metropolitan average of 98.6 cpl. " And for those that don't get the email Fuel prices for Wednesday, 07 Jan 2009: Type Price Outlet Address 98 RON 109.9 Caltex Woolworths Highgate Cnr Beaufort St & Bulwer St, Highgate 98 RON 110.1 Caltex Woolworths Rivervale 111 Great Eastern Hwy, Rivervale 98 RON 110.4 BP Connect Carlisle Cnr Archer and Orrong Rd, Carlisle 98 RON 110.5 Caltex Woolworths Cannington 25 Cecil Ave , Cannington 98 RON 110.5 BP 2go Bentley 1156 Albany Hwy, Bentley 98 RON 110.5 BP 2go Cannington 1443 Albany Hwy, Cannington 98 RON 110.9 BP Connect East Perth Cnr East Parade & Brown Street, East perth 98 RON 111.9 BP Langford 230 -234 Nicholson Rd, Langford 98 RON 122.9 BP Kewdale Truckstop 549 Abernethy Road, Kewdale Might be time to fill up again in the next day or 2
  5. Hi All Had a accident with my car yesterday and have already been to the police and placed a claim with my Insurance company. I am about to get a quote from someone that was recommended but I see that my insurance company (HBF) have Lombardi Brothers listed as one of there preferred repair's. What I want to know is if anyone here can let me know what they are like or can recommend someone around the Cannington area. So not to upset any one here you can either email me or PM me the info. Thanks Hotrod. EDIT: and yes I have already looked at the Consolidated thread and they are not listed.
  6. http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=qg1ckCkm8YI
  7. WOW... Now that is what I call driving. Put me down for the Lime Green one... LOL
  8. That trailer s also available on the Apple website. http://www.apple.com/trailers
  9. I had to get my car valued as well but I went to CRed and got them to do it as they have a dealers license and can value cars for you as well.
  10. I guess we could tell you but it is a Secret.
  11. You ca also try this site http://www.menulog.com.au/dining for a list of just about every restaurant in Perth and surrounding areas. I can recommend the Red Cray in Ascot on Great Eastern HWY if you are into Sea Food. Happy Eating
  12. Man that looks great. If only I can afford a R34. This means that I have to hate you until I can afford to get one.
  13. LOL Sorry I can't help you but I love the license plate.
  14. Maka. I am having the same problem with mine at the moment and when I had a service i asked them to check it out and they advised me that is was the sender that was faulty witch is a normal thing and a replacement would be about $300 (witch I think is a bit high) but mine sits on the first line when it is warmed up at idle and just under the second line when driving. If anyone can tell me what the cost for a sender is let me know. Thanks.
  15. Looks like day light saving has hit again. THERE is not a single Multanova camera on WA roads this weekend - resulting in thousands of speeding motorists escaping fines and demerit points. About 5000 speeders are caught on film every weekend by speed cameras. But this weekend, they are all out of service because of a technical glitch caused by the end of daylight saving. Just days after six people died during a horror Easter period, police confirmed they were recalibrating the cameras and computers, with clocks being put back one hour this morning. Police had tried to keep it secret -- camera locations for this weekend were even published by other media outlets. The 25 Multanovas are the state's major weapons against speeding motorists, but they have been out of operation since Friday. Full story at http://www.news.com.au/perthnow/story/0,21...966-948,00.html
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