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  1. I am wrecking an S13 SR20 Manual Non Turbo Black, Everything available. (front smash nothing much from front available) Located in S.E Suburbs Melbourne. Contact me via email: [email protected]
  2. buuuuuuuummmmmmmmmppppppppppp
  3. I have a CMD-05 Cadence DVD/CD/MP3/VCD/SVCD/DVDR/DVDRW Player. Its a few months old, only used a couple of times. Comes with everything, RCA'S, remote etc. Perfect condition. Worth $529. sell for 320neg. Price drop $250!!!! Pick up only S.E. Suburbs Melbourne. Sold my tv no need for the dvd player now. Actual photo of unit. (camera is sh*t, can get better pics on request)
  4. the wings 400 bux thats your price difference, the kit is still 800. and 400r is a different kit to a veilside. also i was being nice to do the customisation for free.
  5. r33skyliner, well you also wanted the rear spoiler, and a customised front hence why its gonna cost you 1200. do you still smell something fishy. and yes we can seperate, i can sell just the sideskirts.
  6. R33 400R and Veilside Kits, R34 Top secret kits for sale in Melbourne, brand new gel coated ready to paint, selling for 800 full kit including delivery.
  7. hahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahaha a r33.5 lol, its called a widebody, the car is actually an r33 with genuine BA lights, i went to the workshop when they were making it, i recon its the best way to f**k up an r33, it looks gay, and yes its 10g's just for that.
  8. you can come to inspect the kit if you want they're immac quality, they line up 100% and are gel coated, ready to paint.
  9. all contacted via PM, i'll get pics of the kits on their own soon.
  10. the rear is pods for the r33 400R i can get the front and back for you for 500. the veilside rear bar for 350. and obviously i can seperate.
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