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  1. Hey mate, Great car and i own one myself but maybe try posting on EvolutionOz
  2. I sold that about 3 years ago to the day still regrete that day i traded it on the evo, just doesnt have the same power. Good to hear he hasnt completely fu*ked it up. wonder if its still got 300rwkw? Cheers Alan
  3. Have decided to sell my Evo due to wanting to expand my business & get into the real estate market and buy my first house which doesnt leave much room in the budget for the evo. I am in no rush to sell so i will wait for the right buyer to come along. This is the updated 2007 model with those small cosmetic changes which most people know of. Bought the car brand new in 2007 and has been well looked after since & nothing but quality mods used and installed by professionals. The car its self is in good condition with the normal wear and tare paint chips on the front. Couple of gutter marks on the standard enkie mags. Only major thing wrong with the paint work is on the left hand passenger door there is key mark which some jealous bogan has done. Also has been serviced regular using the best oils and fluids. Specs Year: 2007 Colour: Yellow Km: 43,100 Rego: April 2010 Tyres: Yoko's 70% wear Location: Brisbane CBD Price: $42,000 ono Mods Ralliart Floor Matts Ralliart Spark Plugs (2008) Ralliart MR BOV (2008) Ralliart Intake Kit (2008) Ralliart Air Filter (2009) Invida Cast Dump pipe (2009) TurboXS 3in Front Pipe (2009) Metal Cat 3in (2009) Trust Ti-R 3in Titanium Catback (2008) APC Custom Heavy Duty Clutch (2008) APP 2pc Light Weight (2009) APP Hi-Temp Brake Pads Front (2009) Project Mu Hi-Temp Brake Pads Rear (2009) UK Evolution IX Badge on boot (2008) Agency Stubby Antenna (2008) Autometer Boost Guage & Carbon Cup (2008) Also have Walbro 250L pump to go in which really only leaves the cars tuning to be done to unlock the true potential of the car Only have a couple of photos but will upload more when I get time this weekend. NB rear photo does not show the new exhaust. Also have attached a photo of the door which has been keyed. As I said I am in no rush to sell but am negotiable on that price, So if your interested the give me a PM or call and we can discuss further Cheers Alan 0419391743
  4. al_r33

    Forsale R32 Gt-r

    Why are you selling it luke after just finishing off. haha well i can talk either with what i did with mine. Drop me a PM Alan
  5. Got any engine bay shots mate? Could be intrested if my evo sells in the next couple of weeks
  6. What about a 2007 Evo 9? Still big enough for the family
  7. Hey mate, How much power you making etc? Cheers Alan
  8. Mate i had simlar mods to you and i let mine go for 20k to a dealer. If i had my time again i would return the car to std and sell the parts seperate. Just my opinion cause i lost over 45k on my skyline :S
  9. Mate if i can get ride of my evo 9 in the next couple of weeks and you still havent sold it, it will be mine! Got the Dyno graph you can send me?
  10. Should have said Bayside Blue 33 with the stupid chrome wheels and lots balls
  11. Anyone seen my old blue 33 runnin round hobart? Keen to know if its still alive Cheers Alan
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