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  1. That list could make my shopping very easy! That stuff is exactly what I am shopping for at the moment, what sort of condition is the lot in? whats your location in relation to Newcastle? Also with the condition of the parts in mind what is your best price? Cheers
  2. Great to here that Dan, It has put to rest the only real concern I had after reading the thread (the longterm future of the engine). Sounds like the car goes real hard compared to the N/A You had and I have now, mine came with a full Trust exhaust out of Japan which will hopefully complement the turbo well. All I have to do now is get the funds together now and I can start the project. I guess it is like you said tuning is the difference the car will run well and hard with some dollars in the tuning side of the car! I will keep you informed to how my conversion comes along. I have some pics of the car in its current state in my gallery. Cheers mate
  3. Great thread, I too made the same mistake, that is buying a N/A skyline except mine is and R33 GTS. I am desparate to turbo my engine, however my local mechanic has told me that you cannot turbo the N/A....that is without ruining the engine! Reading this discussion has helped me see what can be done to the engine, with a low cost outlay and surprising gains, Thank you! However I have a couple of questions, How does the car now drive? Is it as reliable as the N/A? Are you sure that the modifications will not damage your engine? cannot wait to get my project Turbo underway. :flamed: :flamed:
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