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  1. Hi, Is it a gtr cooler? How much do you want for it? Cheers, Will
  2. Hi, After a stock intercooler. GTR preferably but any will do. In WA. Cheers, Will
  3. they are volks. not exactly sure which model but here's a pic. Anyway does anyone have any idea where i could get some replacements caps at all?
  4. looks similar but not quite. the outer fingers go rite to the edge for the M1's while mine doesn't. damn it.
  5. I'm sure they are WORK rims but not exactly sure what model. couldn't find them on the Work-wheels website but i need them identified to see if i can find some centre caps for them since they are all missing. Your help would be appreciated. Cheers,
  6. Price Drop!!! This seriously is an urgent sale. Come have a look at this rare Nismo edition GTR. Only serious buyers and no joy riders still however. nOOSE
  7. This was imported by Craig from Japan performance direct and complied by autoworx in wangara. I'm currently at work atm but ill get the pics up as soon as i get home nOOSE
  8. The gauges on the dash are not white which is a shame . THe rear wheel arches are perfect. The tyres look like it would scrub but when u feel the suspension u'll know why they dont. The sills are fine.A tiny bit of damage where i jacked it up wrong oops :S But everywhere else is fine. i'll take a picture of them if ur interested. nOOSE
  9. ** Price Drop - 25,000!!!!** Bargain for a excellent condition Nismo Edition Hey Guys, I'm Sure you all know what differences the Nismo had with the standard GTR so i won't babble about that. This was imported by Craig from Japan Performance Imports. Details are as follows: Year: 1990 Make: R32 GTR Nismo Edition Vin: BNR32100315 Price: 25,000 ono Color: Gun Metal Grey Km's: 98,000 Reason For Selling: Need a deposit for a house Contact Details: Sofitel@gmail.com or 0422655223 Location: Perth Mods: Super Advans II Tri-spoke rims. Autowatch Blue Line Series Alarm. K & N Air Intake Pods Greddy Profec B Boost Controller Greedy Boost Meter Cusco Front Strut Bar Tein HA Coilovers Apex'i 3inch Exhaust Turbo Back Apex'i Pen Turbo Timer Bendix Ultimate Pads White Nismo Aftermarket Center Console Gauges 300km Speedometer Short Shift Kit Nismo Gear Knob Turbos are Steel fins T25/T04b(standard with nismo editions) **Please only serious buyers no time wasters and joy rides** **Any Questions Just Ask** nOOSE Some of the pics are a bit dodge coz used my phone for it tongue.gif. The Body is Perfect except for the GTR badge which is missing since some low life stole it.
  10. yeah that race with the gtr and the mclaren is true. don't know what episode but. nOOSE
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