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  1. Richard Contact me when you see this I have been waiting since last year for my parts.

  2. Richard - where did you go?? we miss you!

  3. yep spot on mate. to that list you need to add some injectors, fuel pump, Z32 AFM, good exhaust, front mount intercooler and a decent clutch. and yes it'll be more responsive with a 2530 but no where near the top end hit of the old TD06. probably a faster road car though but less fun on track.
  4. no they don't. they don't have OBD. they have consult instead which is a old nissan proprietary type of OBD and not compatible with any OBD devices.
  5. yes almost certainly you need to top up your power steering fluid (in the engine bay). try that.
  6. lol. better lock your door tonight woo! I'm fired up!!!
  7. nitto might well be Not Independent of Toyo Tyres Ok
  8. no shit hence the example! don't make me suffocate you with a tenga egg...
  9. daihatsu a division of toyota? nitto and toyo not the same thing? next time your messenger comes bringing info... shoot him! PS toyota own half of daihatsu but they are separate companies. nitto vs toyo on the other hand is more like comparing LEXUS to Toyota. as in nitto (just like lexus) is a made up 'brand' to market their products in another country.
  10. as much as i love kimi (and I do), he is not coming back to F1 ever. he's way too fat and also doesn't really seem to care anymore. plus I highly doubt he wants to go from the whole paddock sucking his finnish sausage to being just another b-grade driver at a b-grade team...
  11. yeah no problem driving with the new cooler.
  12. or perhaps build this if off road is more your thing.
  13. best option, try and find something built in 1988 or earlier and bring it in under pre=89 rule. not sure what if any good models are available in that timeframe. otherwise if you want a kei car with a tiny turbo engine... buy a smart for two (older ones are turbo, newer model is NA but more powerful standard). also have 5 speed semi-manual box and if you get bored of the pezzy stock turbo engine then you can slap in a GSXR1000 motor and 6 speed box for 180hp in a tiny little car. it's what I'm doing. end result is something like this:
  14. lol: "the two sweetest word in the English language... de...fault". bummer, still you can tell people you won the GTR class at Australian Track Battle Time Attack. congratulations. and yes well done to russ and newton too. still bit of a shame only half a dozen competitors in the 2 main classes.
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