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  1. very nice...GLWS...if you were in Perth I would be taking a look. Do you have a dyno run on 98? It does dual fuel I assume?
  2. "Left of Field" importer Hi everyone, I'm in the process of looking for a R32 GTR V and I'm currently with a broker. There's obviously a lot of competition for vehicles given that all the brokers really have access to the same information. I'm wondering if there's a broker out there who has access to maybe things that don't really come up at auctions, so things like private collection sales or other types of private sales in Japan...or do brokers all look there anyway?
  3. well there's no electric drive and therefore no 4wd add planned so instead of 1500hp it'll be running half that. It's really just a test of whether it can make it to the end. If it completes it without issue then I can see it having a proper tilt at it next year.
  4. mickey

    Formula 1 2015

    Nice the teams think refueling won't spice things up... At least the cars can run quicker for a majority of the race. I think the big teams are scared it'll open the door for an average car to beat them on strategy. Cost wise it's not a big deal so why stop it?
  5. that's not an M Spec though, if that's what you're looking for.
  6. yep that's what I was wondering cheers
  7. wow 1 owner huh? that looks well looked after, will find a place in no time.
  8. mickey

    Formula 1 2015

    I think Merc will easily romp it. They've got the performance, and as with last year, a few reliability niggles but nothing like engines blowing up Renault style. A piston going through the block is slightly more annoying than a couple of brake and electrical gremlins, and really the only time another team wins, even ferrari, are because there's an issue with the car. It might get better towards the end, but it just looks like Merc simply change the strategy to cover the fezzas and that's it. There's no one else to worry about. Williams race engineers seem to lack any sort of vision or risk taking initiative, which is a shame.
  9. damn I uninstalled FAST. Should probably put it back on. For now, can anyone check BNR32-303018 Cheers
  10. mickey

    Formula 1 2015

    Rosberg is doing worse than The iceman. Unless he improves very soon then this isn't even going to be a race against 2 drivers. Only Vettel is keeping Mercedes honest. Dan has a terrible car, highlighted by his team-mate being nowhere and toro rosso getting up there.
  11. mickey

    Formula 1 2015

    ah I have foxtel go that does streaming...
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