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  1. just thinking about buying this detector:bel pro rx65, it seems to be the lastest product but this is still gonna be detected by anti radar?
  2. was looking for the thread for r34s now fond it.
  3. well not exactly dirty cheap, its a garret turbo dont know the specs yet but similar to a GT35, for under 2k. cheap in comparison to an internal wastegated hks gt3037 which retails like 5k if im not wrong. so yeah sure mate, if u want one i guess i could get u one. no worries
  4. this topic has been discussed many times before, the cost of building an 2.5L N/A is not justified by the kind of power u gonna get. the least expensive way to achieve 160rwkw is to turbo the rb25de with stock gtst parts
  5. whatever a genuine set of gtt calipers cost
  6. as the title states: want to buy r34 gtt brake calipers with or without discs pick up preferred in sydney cod only for interstates please im only interested in r34 calipers!
  7. Bought my R34 from Northshore Prestige, excellent service! josh and ben are nice guys willing to negotiate on price too.
  8. thanks for that, so heres the plan: aftermarket high mount manifold designed for rb25det with t3 flange and external wastegate type(i suppose it should be a direct bolt on to rb25de neo right?) hks gt2835 turbo (as i can buy one off my mate dirty cheap) external wastegate- just love the sound and all other gtt parts as you mentioned above. now just two questions: which type of PFC to get? and what about the stock airbox? would it be sufficient? or need custom intakes too? cheers
  9. seem turbos from an r33 gtr vspec, ceramic! but awaiting djhatton to find out the truth behind all gtr turbos! cheers
  10. haha thats right! i like the idea of high compression engine with a turbo less lag! if i leave the factory 10.1 compression and run a turbo with no more than 7psi boost, instead of using a factory gtt turbo, in theory wouldnt i make more power with a bigger bolt on turbo like an gt2835? im also think an aftermarket high mount manifold, an aftermarket front mount intercooler and a gtt upgrade full exhaust. many of these parts are selling at a bargain price on ebay. hows this package sound to you? oh and ofcourse PFC!
  11. wheres the impul bodykit? definetly not in the picture!
  12. thanks Dan so you are saying that the 25gt manual gearbox is different to the gtts one? have you changed the standard gearbox in your 25gt for the kind of power you are making(150rwkw correct?)? cheers
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