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  1. Hey mdonohoe, send some pics to tufsix@yahoo.com.au Regards tufsix
  2. The box is a igniter box but Series 2 R33 dont have the box as they have built in igniters.There is a group buy going for splitfire coil packs$640 delivered from Kudos motorsport they are usually $999rrp. tufsix
  3. If the car been running good on the injectors for a while i couldnt see it being that unless they are dirty....i would say it will be coil packs. If u have a mate who can help u out try there coil packs.
  4. i think the iridium sparkplugs come with a gap of 0.8mm already mine did.
  5. My first guess would be coil packs.
  6. Hi All, This is not a practical thing to make up as a group buy due to all the variations that different cars may need, eg (airbox position, aftermarket airfilter position & intercooler pipe position. They can be made up on a car to car basis but thats about it as it would be a problem to make them all up then have people saying they dont fit due to the above problems. TM Autosports in Tuggerah NSW can make them and will be doing my R33 in the near future. I assume this is the problem Bass was having making these up, it was worth a look at getting them all done together but not practical i dont think due to issues. Regards tufsix
  7. Hi Guys, I may be able to get these made up. I own part in a Stainless steel merchant business in Nsw, i have asked 1 of my customers to have a look at this. As i sell all the pipes and bends i may be able to get them made up. The only problem i see is that if a front mount intercooler is fitted there may be a few variations to how the hoses (Breathers etc) on the intake pipe are fitted. On mine they have been moved or removed as i have seen on other cars, so if they are made up it will be hard to get it right for every car. Also i sell Aluminium pipe & Aluminium donut halves and may be able to get it cheaper in Aluminium. Will advise ASAP if practical. Regards tufsix
  8. I would not pay $4,000 a year for insurance & if it was that much i wouldnt buy the car....What i do is insure it as a second car & buy a cheap run about, if u do it that way u dont have to pay full premium & your car is insured & u dont run up high Km's on your car for nothing like going to the shops etc, only have to fork out for rego on other car..... If you are young and u have good parents put it in their names to help u out..
  9. I use Shannons in NSW $1250 a year $500 excess for my R33 GTS-T , its insured for $26,000 as my second car.
  10. I cant see why anyone would not have insurance when its this cheap, I pay $1250 a year for $26,000 for my R33 GTS-T. I have it insured as my second car but its always covered......If the car is worth $5000 then i would not insure it but i dont want to lose over $20,000 by not paying $1250 a year
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