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  1. My only gripe is that section that rips front bars off.... Would need to be changed for next time.
  2. That Cleo is super quick though!
  3. 1st and 3rd for Team Dynamic steel frame. Not bad for a 73 year old and a crazy dirt driving fool.
  4. I managed to reel off a 1:53.8 in my Little Red Rocket. It's my first time out at Phillip Island. LOVE LOVE LOVE The first and last turns. G-Forces for days. May need a better seat! Looks like I've busted the clutch bracket and I left after three sessions, but this is an easy fix. Can live with that one!
  5. I'm officially entered. NOTE: It's "Victorian SuperSprint Championship Round 3" on the options list.
  6. Outstanding mate! Thanks! Antics a-plenty
  7. Hanging for the photos and videos!!!
  8. Cams wont do any good if the turbo is running out of puff. Many many moons ago I had a GCG highflow with 260 degree Poncams and the damn thing made 250 rwkw from about 6500 to 8000 rpm, so they helped fatten the top end. But the turbo wouldn't flow any more than it would flow. Bigger turbo for more power my friend.
  9. HI There, I may have manual work availble from Wednesday of next week. Dandenong South, manufacturing steel house frame components. Pay is good, casual on call. It's actually a bit of fun doing what we do and so long as you can handle an impact driver and a few thousand screws a day, she's apples. Hard work, you will loose weight (if you want to) and get strong at the same time! PM me if you are intersted.
  10. The same colour that was in the thread.

  11. Hey mate, what colour and brand of paint did you do your r34 interior dash in? It looks sweet as!

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