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  1. scared to be different i take mate...... maybe if you were driving behind me people MIGHT look and notice YOUR car... instead of thinking it was just some plain boring car...
  2. thx mate. its just a design or pattern whatever you want to call it with a few skulls down the bottom.. something different
  3. Count me in for a rb20 pair please
  4. hi in need of some clear indicators for a r32 can swap for orange ones also need l/h and centre dash vents in sydney would be great a thx michael
  5. upik14me

    R32 Parts

    doesnt have to be in sydney .. i am willing to pay for the right one.... just kinda need one asap please peoples
  6. upik14me

    R32 Parts

    i am after a r32gtst dash with or without vents and centre console surround sydney area would be great thx
  7. i have a pair of fronts and a rear AXS seatcovers ( BOTH WHITE) brand new never used $200 for the lot just bought them but got a good deal on bucket seats the day after
  8. hi need a r32 gtr front bar which will fit a gtst .... im in sydney so can pick up... need one asap as car is going for painting
  9. is it to late to say yeah im coming +1
  10. nah not me i dont really go out that way
  11. hey people im quite new to this and would love to come on sunday ... am i able to become a member on the day??? will be in a yellow r32 so please say hello
  12. heheheh well next time tell me to pull over or something .... i work at penrith so you probably mite see me quite abit
  13. well i would if i knew where you were unless you were the one right next to me hehehehe...
  14. cool i been spotted for the first ... just going home from work.... i was the yellow 1
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