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  1. gxeug ; i say go for it just remember one rule; every action has a reaction. So when driving try 2 think smart
  2. i say go for it, but don't get an n/a spec skyline it is a waste of money go for turbo as some people said the cost of insurance is not that big. If i was you i would also buy a shitty car, (some crappy ford laser something between $0 - $2000 nothing more) u can use that car 2, go 2 party (so no drink ****s cant *** it uP). You are 20 so your driving skill should be pretty good, but the shitty car gives u just alittle more time 2 get better. I say go for it! but remember u can't just think of the price of the car u got 2 add up the other cost; Fuel Fixing (body or engine parts will most likly need 2 be import) Cops (they will pick on u) Mods (once u start driving u will want 2 add this and that ) Hope this helps!
  3. Im not going 2 reply as this is a thread about Skyline and Hsv, make a thread and i will talk 2 u about that stuff
  4. ahahahah SURE!!! :bahaha: :bahaha: :bahaha: :bahaha: :bahaha: but i do agree with your last statemnet Sonic :uh-huh:
  5. WazR32GTSt, only the Vt+ models, have the us Ls1 350chevy in it (im not sure abou the callaway part, as i belived they only tune the c4 corvette ZR-1, GS and callaway twin-turbo) Holden has not been able 2 get the tuning right for the HSV, for along time, too much weight and not enough power.
  6. JimX, i have driven a vs for about 2yrs now stock v6 and yes they come with their problems, i have never driven a skyline but would like 2. I have also driven a cv8 with exhuast. The quailty of both holdens have been top, the vs has around 190,000kms on it and is still kicking (and i have giving it a good run for its money (if u know wat i mean )) and yeah my sis owns a Astra which is a very nice car quialty is top and handering is TOP!, good kick for a 1.8L left a FTO 2 see her plates more than once I have been a passager in a r31 and r32, and also speedworks s15 (my mates brother bought it with the 300rwhp engine and hks springs, not the 700rwhp engine ) very nice cars :uh-huh: I just dont like this whole bashing of anytime of cars, be j-spec or us-spec, euro-spec or aus-spec. If you dont like the car fair enough, why bash. Not having ago a HsvKiller but, im sure your R32 has kill many hsv but their is always some one out their Faster and better than you, many hsv drivers are oldmen 40+ (50%) the rest are ricer type drivers (e.g. the Wogs wit their fully sick VLs ahaha no disrespect 2 wogs as i am one ) so you don't really see many hardcore drivers unlike line or other j-spec cars (just saw one when i went down 2 video-Eazy r32 wit Robziller plates)
  7. ahahaha, i love this threads. Go the holden Bashing, its good 2 see that just cuz u drive a line or like the J-spec cars u think its the BEST thing since slice bread, and everything else is crap and cant compaire 2 it. Im sorry but unless u work with Nissan and Holden and are invole in making both cars u cant say one has better quialty ect ect. sorry 4 going off, its just im sick and tied of this threads, just cuz u beat one TYPE A car doesnt mean u can beat all Type a cars and that they are all shit. other factors are inc. such as driver, weather ect
  8. sumfatchin, the government wants to stop imports or make it hard for people to import cars. that is the reason for the new rules. Basicly imports take away from Australia Shop (car-yards) making profit, and also bring the value down on cars that some caryards sell
  9. Duncan, unless the mags r damage i dont see how they would affect the roadworthy state. Seats and gear shift would but it would be soo small, i wouldnt see the point
  10. Wat about Bodykits (rear wings ect.), Mags, Race-Seats, Gear-Shifters, stuff that doesnt affect the road-wrothy state of the car?
  11. Rezz, maybe u can help me out i cant read jap. but im looking for a phone with colour screen, camera, Tri-Band (so i can use it in australia abit important ahahah), java, able 2 dl stuff onto the phone. The P504iS looks like a very nice one got a price on that...?
  12. umm it all depends on the type of car and type of engine. For 4 and 6 i think turbo is better as it is cheaper and there are many kits around but for v8 it becames half-half; Their are alot of sc around for v8 and alot of power can be made depending on the type "sleeper" or "root" I ask this question on a america forum alittle while bak and i will post the comments for you. (corvette-fourm) hope this helps
  13. im sure someone can get the phone setup (i will look into it) mean while wtf is that phone it looks very nice!
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