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  1. ctjet

    Formula 1 2017

    motherfcuker its september and you people only 3 pages in?!
  2. ctjet

    Formula 1 2016

    F1's new exhaust rules explained - will the cars be louder in 2016? Formula 1's push to make its latest-generation engines louder has stepped up a gear with the FIA approving rule changes around the cars' exhaust systems... http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/121332
  3. ctjet

    Formula 1 2016

    Max and Bernie are 90% to blame for where we are now I'd give the teams the remaining 10% blame, with Ferrari taking the lion share of that Unlike some other sports, everybody is looking after number one here. Bernie wants to maximise his own wealth by selling out places like fcuking Azerbaijan, Max was implementing 'cost cutting' that has ruined flat out racing, and the teams want to bicker over the minor issues for their own short term success. But most importantly for me, the noise is gone. Its now just another racing series that you have to pay A LOT of money to watch. And that no way to bring in a new and young viewership. Seriously, F1 is in big trouble.
  4. ctjet

    Formula 1 2016

    The sport is dying People need to get used to that. Its not going back to the 90's... its not coming back to free to air... its not going to be loud... no more in season development... its not going to be reckless speed any more Its going to get progressively more complicated and rule driven I'm just riding this till the wheels fall off, then move onto whatever replaces it
  5. ctjet

    Formula 1 2015

    He's a three time world champion, nobody is telling him anything. By 30 years old, you are who you are now That's either going to rub people the wrong way or not at all For example, I find Fernando to be one of the underhanded and devious fcuk I have seen race, now everything he says and does is tinged with that bias. Keep in mind, there's a Schumacher career in that time period too, and he was a gigantic piece of shit You are just going to have to live with the fact a person you don't like is at the top at the moment, give it a few years and somebody else you might like will take his place
  6. ctjet

    Formula 1 2015

    dark skin girl in pink... yes
  7. ctjet

    Formula 1 2015

    I dunno man, three girls sucking my dick at one time seems like it would probably be a lot of fun Except for the leopard print one obviously, that shit is awful
  8. ctjet

    Formula 1 2015

    A direct reflection of approximately how popular Nico Rosberg is
  9. ctjet

    Formula 1 2015

    This whole north and south american leg of the championship is just the f**king worst 4am races are just not fun
  10. ctjet

    Formula 1 2015

    Great podium, but it does seem very frosty up there
  11. ctjet

    Formula 1 2015

    We all cant have team mates maximise our points totals by handing us undeserved points at every available opportunity
  12. ctjet

    Formula 1 2015

    If I was new around here, I would assume that was typed out by somebody with some kind of mild brain injury So I'm going to say you were at least 4 beers into it before typing that
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