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  1. Cover the front headlights and the mousepad skyline looks like a new mustang! Anyways, not keen on the black makeup under the headlights either, takes away from its "muscles"
  2. Hi guys check my 1994 R33 GTS SEDAN http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/Emz-R33-t317321.html Im very happy with it at the moment, ? paint job to gun metal grey or a very very dark green
  3. Ahh sorry for the above post, just read that someones already mentioned machining the rotors, good thinking guys!
  4. Hi there, your stearing wheel shakes, does it happen under braking?? cause i found that my rotors were uneven and needed machining.....fixed the prob and only takes about an hour or so at the mechanics and $100 max. Hope that helps
  5. hi guys, just had my car serviced a month or so ago and was adviced that my tailshaft has "play" in it and it is possibly the centre bearing. My mechanic said that it will need to be removed, fixed, rebalanced and pu back on. aprox cost $800, does this sound about right guys??? Opinions / advice / recommendations please!!!!
  6. Your spot on! When i got pulled over for my led lights( were blue at the time, now changed to white), there were two officers, one younger cadette and an old school full grey beard officer. The young officer was commenting how tidy the car was and how good condition it was in for a 1994 car. I told him that i look after and treat it nicelly. The other officer just looked at me and coninued to comb the entire car for defects! so yeah nice to look at, but at the same time im getting tired of being look at by the wrong people haha!
  7. Check out my other mods http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/Emz-R33-t317321.html Have a good one
  8. Its actully a very happy minded car haha! good economy, sweet sound and the LEDs look very classy during the day, i do get its an aquired taste but you dont need knock it cause its different.
  9. Well actully i got rid of my 6" cannon and put a X2 2.5" tail pipe on to change things up.............but good on you for trying to guess what ive got!
  10. Here are mine in the evening http://s21.photobucket.com/albums/b258/EMZ...nt=005f4ce5.jpg same colour at the parking lights and ive had them on for 5 years now and no probs or looks from the police. I think you an buy diffeent types of these LED strips of ebay and just have to be carefull not to get the supposed "white LEDs" from china. Ive found buying from an australian seller more than often gives you a better chance of gettnig a true white colour Thanks for the heads up though. Also i have them on a seperate toggle switch to the parkers, which for true daytime driving lights they need to be a seperate unit. Have a good one guys
  11. As day time driving lights they are legal Saying that you can only really notice the LEDs in overcast and early evenings. Ive checked the SAPOL legislation and as long as the leds are facing foward, are white or amber and only functioning in the day time (so seperate to your parking lights) they are fully road legal:) Ive got the papers that state all of this in my glove box so if a police offer asks me about them....saying that, it might only piss them off and defect me for something else, aka an oil leak or something!!
  12. I was contemplating selling my R33 GTS sedan for a while there but decided against it because i couldnt find another car that had the same or better level of sportiness and comfort as my R33 did. Anyways insteading i comepleted some mods which include the following and wanted to share them with all of you:) Installed a fully electric sunroof including slide fully open, tilt adjustable, open to any point, anti close / jam mechanism and automatic rain sensing close (installed at Roof Rack City in Waymouth Street Adelaide) Full leather interior (front & back) with door details to be inserted shortly. 7" DVD player with GPS, radio, DVD,bluetooth/ iphone/ipod connectivity. Daytime white LED driving lights installed under headlights and on flate face of front buper, soon to have Audi daytime driving lights installed. New duel tip 4" dump pipe exhaust installed And have removed the gold leaf inserts from my 18" Verde Scorpin rims as the poilice found them defectable as the ends of the leafs were too sharp!!! Heaps up for the others out there with these rims!!! Have a look at the pics below and see what you think, feel free to comment or ask any questions about any of the mods and have a god one! Regards, Evan (EMZ Motorsport Management 2010)
  13. Hi guys, check my R33 GTS sedan, ive just put up heaps of pics of recent changes ive made to it including legal front daytime driving lights. The thing is they have to be white, facing foward of the car and emit no more than 18W of power. have fun with this mod it looks pretty sweet:) What do you guys think??
  14. Hi guys, thanks for the replies! I have recentelly (a few months ago) had a full service and tune attented too and since then the pressure has been elevated, but then decreases. So what SAU members have suggested, i think, is spot on! Again, thanks and all the best ppl!!!
  15. Hi all, I have a 33 s1 and i only use 98 octane 95 is dirt for any jap car (pings+++) and from what i gathered from using ethonol blended fuels...........well..................i stalled when i was going around a corner, lost power stearing and it was very interesting from then onwards!! I have been using BP fuel only and it has worked a treat so far. I think with fuel its simple...............what you pay for is what you get, its that simple. Regards, Evan
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