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  1. Hey Dan, it was a friends son. This guy knows the Australian Constitution off the top of his head, nothing can go against it. The only way to change the constitution is through a bill, I am pretty certain they will never change that one. Even Local Councils are against the Constitution, said friend doesn't pay and hasn't paid rates for years. Yes the Council took him to court, he said his case and said that should they pursue it he will make it very public. They dropped it. I can go on for ages about it, remind me next time I see ya. This guy is even a retired police officer, a very smart man.
  2. A case was thrown out of court not all that long ago from the hoon laws so the person did not lose his licence as well as have his car impounded. There is a loop hole. Read the Aust. constitution or PM me and I will tell you how to get around it. Don't really want to go posting it here
  3. Okies, will try and get some better pics asap. The camera is fine during the day, it just doesn't like night
  4. Thats the one! I was eyeing it off too, looks so classy but NA auto 4 cylinder My Audi has 8 airbags as well, its crazy! I think that many airbags is standard in the B6's. I say go turbo or 6 cylinder Audi The 6 cylinders actually make more power.
  5. Thanks! I was looking at a red A4 with RS4 body kit and 18's etc for the same price as I paid for mine. Problem was it was an NA 4 and mine is a 6, I just couldn't settled for an NA 4 cylinder car. It looked awesome tho.
  6. That wouldn't have been cool. It reminds me when Tommo's old 31 caught fire at the Zig Zags. We could all smell it, it had popped the dip stick out and caught fire. Thankfully Mike (with a Commodore) had a fire extinguisher to put it out. Reminds me I must get one, I don't think any car should be on the road without one anymore!
  7. No, standard exhaust will stay. We still have the R33 for loud exhaust fixes I said to Dad, its ok as I will just get my 'fix' on the R33 and Dad said that no I won't, I won't want to drive it. Well he was right, the R33 has been rebuilt for 3 months now and has the necessary 1000kms run in on it and thats it! I don't even worry when I see police now!
  8. Only plans are to lower it and put the 18's on. Don't see any need to do any more than that! Already has 10 speaker stereo with 2 subs and 6 CD stacker etc and want to keep it quiet and reliable. You reach a point where the luxury outweighs things hey! It was either Audi or BMW for me but didn't want an NA 4 and so it was easier to get a better Audi at a better price than the BMW.
  9. Well a while ago I sold my Skyline, had a ute for a short time but the desire to have an Audi was still lingering so the time came. Brought an Audi A4 B6 V6 just before Xmas and I love it. Ok so it doesn't have the speed of a Skyline but it has handling, reliability, every single luxury imaginable and a sunroof, it had to have a sunroof! Here are a few pics, I have a set of 18 inch Hartmann's to go on it, just needing some tyres but they will come eventually, not top of my priority list right now with buying a property!
  10. I was driving the Rodeo down Warton and a lady hit the back at 70kmph while I was static. I felt fine for a couple of hours, went and made a police report etc, then the pain set in. Went to the doctor, told fine, went to physio and back still isn't the same, never made a compo claim tho. Passed out less than a week later which isn't normal for me, doctor said it was just a coincidence it happened after the accident and I paid for that one yet to this day I can't have a long shower or I pass out. My OH came off his bike at 90kmph and hit a tree. Joondalup Hospital let him out less than 2 hours later, he seemed fine other than a broken collar bone. Later that day we were at RPH as he had gone into concussion and shock. What I am trying to say is, if your not 100% happy the doctors have done the right thing then don't let it drop either! Too late for me to go back and say, um I still have side effects from an accident that happened 1 1/2 years ago.
  11. Horse plus float weight would be about 1200kgs. My old Aussie 31 was rated to safely pull that. I was guessing the R33 would be about the same? The Audi is rated to 1800kgs although I wouldn't put that on the back of it. Would only be using it in emergencies or the odd horse show as my Dad is gonna buy a new 4x4 eventually which I will use but the ML gearbox is flaring after towing a couple of horses around for a short time so bit disappointed with it. Not sure you could get a 4x4 for under $2000 even that I would feel had enough frame that hadn't rusted left to put a float on? I don't want to put my horse at risk so it isn't damaging the car that worries me but rather something going bad and my horse being hurt. I tried to find out the R33 safe ratings but can't find anything. Does anyone know where I can find it, nothing came up on google.
  12. Not at all. Skyline should be able to tow 1200kgs (I think at least thats what Aus 31's are rated too, couldn't find much on the 33 tho) so will tow my light float and 1 horse, nothing more. The Audi is rated to 1800kgs so would pull that on its ear. Falcodores do it every day too. I have seen an Accent pull a float (not that I think that is wise to pull over a load rating) so a Skyline won't struggle. My old R31 did it up Greenmount Hill, again it was fine so why shouldn't an R33?
  13. Was planning to tow just 1 horse, you need a 4WD to tow any more than 1. Thanks Dan, looks better now minus roof racks. Also have 18s but they need tyres so its getting there. Got a price on a towbar for that, $850 ex Sydney, OUCH! Would custom for the Skyline cost more than $850 do you think? Haven't really got the time to sit back and wait, the show season is in full swing now!
  14. Does anyone know where I can get a towbar for an R33 Skyline, prefer in WA? I was told I won't get one but that means the poor Audi will cop a towbar instead which I wanted to avoid. Thanks in advance.
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