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    No i'm not leaving SAUWA.. HELL NO! Just waiting til i save enuf for my R... :P

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    08 FN2 Type R
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  1. Evolution R in Bentley also has it I think
  2. That's great P.S. Was the coffee crap? Honestly now...
  3. Just as you come down the escalator from Hoyts, you won't miss it Be expecting you guys at around 530 then when the shopping centre closes!
  4. I've seen like 8 year old's playing... Depends how tall the 10 year old is?
  5. Paul, once you confirm the numbers, wanna let me know how many would like to come to The Coffee Club before the event? Then I can arrange and set up tables for all of yas
  6. Of course they take walk ins silly!
  7. I've attended SAUWA Member's Only cruises and even when I've sold my skyline and only drive a mere civic.. but I still had loads of fun catching/socializing up with the rest of the group! This is why I'm still with SAUWA after I've sold my skyline
  8. Not to mention dribbles from the side mirrors as well
  9. Those lines are the same as the apex on a track! Lol..
  10. Trying to steer away from the car scene and modifying cars in a more matured and sensible way.. Ended up getting yellow sticked for tint.. On a 09 civic with no exhausts etc??
  11. Try checking for a dirty air filter too.. that made mine misfire last time
  12. You win the.... That Really Grinds My Gears Grumbler of the Week Trophy! Lol.. looks familiar?
  13. Found out it's the distributor.. Thanks for the help guys
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