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  1. NEW RECLINE COMPETITION RACING CAR White RIGHT SEAT NEW RECLINE COMPETITION RACING CAR White left SEAT Both Features Features: Full recline * Forward and backward fixed sliding * Pure cotton upholstery * Cloth trim * Tapered edges * Solid steel BASE * Soft cushioning for pure comfort! Dimensions (approx): * 136cm X 56cm X 37cm Please Note Pictures of seats are different from item, only by colour, Where the Blue is white instead of blue and the black is in a soft cloth material, viewings welcome at my descretion. ((((( Back Up For Sale ))))) Both Must be sold No longer needed unused aswell and just gathering dust in garage need to get rid of them, no point in having them still in plastic covers with one just needing a dust off Paid $400 Selling both for $250.00 for both or $130 each (PICK UP NECESSARY) dont want to have to post, Local in Underwood QLD area if that helps, Prices Negotiable Within REASON Also Selling 1 x Alpine 1241 2005 model DualVoiceCoil Sub in box 4 months usage, in top condition and works great no coil damage or sub damage at all, Pick up as well please, asking price for this is $160.00 negotiable to $150.00 but must also be pick up please, Features, 12" Sub Dual 4 ohm voice coils, and as far as i know 250 WRMS Handlign power (No picture for sub as dnt have digital camera cord)
  2. Injectors - PRICE? Turbo - Where did you get it rebuilt and to what specs Housing, Wheel, etc, Also do you have reciepts for this? Cheers
  3. Hey doughboy, about the hks 2835r im looking for one of these, but wondering how many kms they got and how much shaft play does it have, and also would you recommend a rebuild, btw how much are rebuilds on these turbos and who through, Cheers Adam
  4. Best to change the coils this might smoothen things up as well as check or afr's might help in the pinging area
  5. 94 r33 gtst Series 1 Stock Internals, FMIC Hybrid Apexi PFC 3.5 inch cat and cat back not turbo back Unknown Cat possibly highflow, but not OEM thats all i know K&N Pod Stock Injectors and pump Splitfire Coil Packs- Best Investment so far of my own Hybrid Boost Controller, Cheap but effective, Running Motul 8100 Dyno Tuned in shootout F6 mode, with 95 RON Vortex, forgot to go the Ultimate for tune 178.9 RWKW Tunned to 6-7 psi boost Low boost High Boost 10 psi, No Readout or tune for this setting, Tunned at APC Underwood I would post dyno sheet but no scanner handy
  6. What size pistons any brand? Forged? or stocks Same with rods and cams, what motor are they out of and wat condition, and what price, Hope not to many questions Cheers
  7. Yep that would be me yeah nah thought id signal you, and sorry didnt give ya a wave (Next time) funny thing was the cop dropped his radar after we went past funny that, blond chick driving?? When i saw it parked there was a guy had to say late 30s + behind the wheel. Must be "Cops targeting skyline drivers day" or something, Need one of them Police are now targeting "Skyline Owners" Sign, like the old drinking ones over the border heh By the way, Nice Car I'll dress mine up later down the track, bloody rego bills and g/f chew too much money
  8. Saw nice V Spec at mater hospital down southbank area blue , Plates NIS 34 guy waiting to pick someone up at public entrance, also Silver 33 dunno the plate passing on M1 after taking southbank exit heading brisbane way, with SAU sticker on skirts, to busy concentrating on road to wave, ha lucky he slowed down before the radar on the M1 Bloody cops No one has seen me yet?
  9. Your selling you z32 afm, how much you after for it, and pictures if possible, regards thanks adam
  10. Pictures back and front inside afm? How many km,s on afm
  11. Hey im looking to do a few extra mods to my rb25det looking for power increase without the added pressure to do all engine components, Mods So Far: 3.5" cat back Walbro in-tank Fuel pump Malpassi Fuel Reg Hybrid intercooler + 3" Piping Splitfire DI Ignition, Sard 550cc injectors Everything else standard, Hybrid Boost Controler Apexi pfc With Above what should i expect on dyno tune FUTURE MODS Looking at putting tomei poncams 256 deg cams in - Right Choice Yay Or Nay, Need help whether or not to get Larger Turbo which one? Dont want too much like lag city, Want some options on this one, with experience had with them if possible, Clutch: Brass button or organic, street purposes are more likely than other purposes AIM: More power before major internals need doing FUTURE FUTURE Mods: Pistons, rings, valves, springs, lifters, crank, block Choices: Price lowest to highest Money an option: Not to a great degree Thanks in advance
  12. How many km's this motor done, plus has it been compression tested, and any dyno sheets would be good Cheers Adam
  13. Has the motor been running since rebuilt, whats the power output, and how many k's if so has it done since rebuild, pics of all assembled?
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