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  1. Apexi SAFC2 $300 Works perfectly. Has a couple scratches on the screen. I have no need for this as I've sold my car. Melbourne pick up available from CBD or Bentleigh otherwise will post. email sk@kovacadvisory.com.au Can send hi resolution pictures if required. Simon
  2. Do I want too much? I haven't had one enquiry! This is a beautiful car and has been well maintained. Price is negotiable.
  3. Alarm/Immobiliser Nismo Suspension (adjustable damper) Daikin Clutch Pod Filter Bleed Valve (Never ran higher than 10psi) Engine unmodified 110,000kms 1st Owner in Australia Excellent Condition throughout $20,000 Mobile 0410 690 659 Melbourne
  4. Set of 4 Super Lows done about 10,000kms. Will lower 50-60mm $220
  5. I paid $420 for mine about 6 months ago. I bought it off a guy here in Melbourne who claimed to have bought it then decided on a PFC. It had never been used so it was a pretty sweet deal compared to buying from a shop here.
  6. Check out the classifieds. There's a guy selling an SAFC2 for $400 in Gold Coast. SAFC2 was the best money I've spent on the car.
  7. Mine seems to make a soft whistling noise under very low throttle and makes a soft peeoow noise when I release the throttle. It can get quite annoying as it will just keep whistling and peeoowing while I adjust the throttle to maintain a constant speed. I've heard of people blocking it off but I'm not sure why or whether it will effect the performance of the bov. Should I do this and if so, what do people use to block it off? Thanks
  8. Ahhh! I have a pod filter also so that maybe why. What about the metal plate. Is that supposed to be there?
  9. It's definately connected, I take it it's not supposed to make much noise
  10. Hi everyone I originally had a standard BOV on my R33 which had been welded up to give that flutter sound, so I went and bought another standard one thinking it would be nice and quiet but found it makes the typical pshhh noise I'd expect from an aftermarket one. Is this normal? I'm running 12psi of boost so perhaps that causes it to be make more noise. I've also checked to make sure all hoses are secure and not leaking. Also when I took the old one off, there was a metal plate in between the BOV and the air intake pipe it attaches to. This has a hole in it smaller than the opening on the BOV and causes a slight flutter noise and a slight pshhh. Is this supposed to be there or did the previous owner put it there, perhaps to run higher boost than the standard BOV can cope with?
  11. Hey Zahos I am running 12psi and have an SAFC2. It been running great for months. Then on the weekend the car developed the same misfire you guys are talking about. popopop at around 5000rpm and a short drop in power. When I dropped the boost to 10 psi, the problem went away. The spark plugs should be fine as they are new. Would this be a sign the coil packs are on there way out?
  12. I'm an accountant and work in the city in my own business.
  13. Hi everyone. My new Daikin clutch engages really close to the floor. Does anyone know if this is normal? I thought a new clutch would engage high and get closer to the floor as it wore out.
  14. Sime

    where to get rims

    I bought my 18s at Donnelans in Oakleigh Ferntree Gully Rd. Good bunch of guys there. And reasonably priced.
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