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  1. timheather

    Lpg Stagea

    Some of those setups are awesome! Shame I just sold my Stag.... well, couldn't afford a conversion anyway, and don't really do the Ks to justify it.
  2. PM'd you Jezz (R34_T88_Widebody).... get back to me so we can work something out.
  3. All offers considered this weekend only..... first to offer me more than my bottom dollar (that only I know) and back it up with cash, gets it..... come on guys, someones gotta feel like a road trip to the sunny beaches of Coffs Harbour. (sorry for the early bump, but MUST SELL)
  4. I'd say talk to your local TAFE or CIT..... they are sure to run basic courses to start you off.... or supply beer to one of the guru's on here and they may help you out!
  5. Have a look on carsales.com, or I'll put some more up tomorrow.... I've had a couple of offers and am considering them atm.... really need a quick sale with my cash flow probs!
  6. Still for sale guys..... $8250 or SERIOUS offers..... check ebay or carsales.com....
  7. Unfortunately still for sale guys.... I'm sick of people offering me money, then saying "I've just gotta sell my car first...". Now listed for $8250..... or pretty nearish offer......
  8. what I've learned for all cars, is that the advertised price is very rarely the selling price. Alot of the cars you see for 15k have probably been for sale for months and will never sell for that price.
  9. Well, been offered 7.5k, so I'm gonna have to take it. Looks like Stagea values have halved in the past 8 months.... better to get rid of it now I spose than sell it for 4k in another 6 months.... Oh well.
  10. just over a day left.... still at $8000..... does anyone want a bargain?
  11. no-one even wants to pay 8 grand for my Stag? You could sell off a few bits and pieces and end up with a dead stocker for 7 or under - come on people! transport to brissie or sydney would only cost a few hundred... jump on ebay- and bid! Cheapest in Australia! I need the money for food!
  12. timheather


    OH MY GOD..... I would give a kidney, a lung and a cornea for that.....
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