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  1. Fadie

    R33 Stolen

    Another revival! That was me. Plates are no longer used as kept coming up on sapol system as stolen even tho transport let me put them on car. And never got over this car getting stolen. 😥
  2. Fadie

    R33 Stolen

    Had two policies on car. One for car and one for mods. As they said at the time (remeber this is 07) that due to mods it needs to be two seperate policies rather than agreed value. Long story short, only paid out for car at market rate (mime had 7k paint and body work). As they said cant pay out modifications policy as it was not recovered. Noting that my mechanic wrote a statutory declaration with his business name that parts were fitted; receipts and dyno graphs. So i will never use them again. I have definately made them lose thousands and thousands in business. Again my experience will differ to others, this was my experience.
  3. Fadie

    R33 Stolen

    Bringing up an old thread. .. probably an understatement here. If anyone has seen the plates let me know. Unfortunately car was never recovered. I lost a fkn fortune as shannons are scum.
  4. click link for pics and info. cheers http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.p...howtopic=402743
  5. my mate is looking to get his pod enclosed. he saw something on ebay but cant find it anymore. does anyone know where he could buy one from? if so please PM me. thanks
  6. s2 bonnet in grey $200 pick up preferred or organise delivery. PM please, pics up tomoro
  7. 1. r33 s1 lume - $100 2. power steering pump - $100 3. a/c compressor - $100 4. alternator - $100 5. Crank angle sensor - $75 6. o2 sensor - $45 7. engine mounts- $100 can post anywhere at your expense. PM is best way to get me p/s pump, cranck sensor, a/c compressor, engine mounts and alternator all came off 70k motor.
  8. power steering pump still for sale.
  9. nothing inside it. im in south of adelaide. PM me your number and i will call you, thats if u in SA
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