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  1. I have a turbo which i am told is from a single turbo vg30. It has 45v3 on the front housing. I cannot see any other identifying marks on it other than a 6 written on the centre section of the turbo. Apparantly this is a good upgrade for a RB20 or mild upgrade for RB25. I took this of my SR20 powered ford Escort and it was running fine when removed. Very minimal shaft movement. I am after $300 firm. Located in Perth hills and will post anywhere in Aus at buyers expense. Not sure of actual price but will fix postage at $25. PM me here or call me 0400 217 341 Cheers Morgan
  2. thanks. Tiptronic shift is overatted but if you have your heart set on if you will need to go series 2.
  3. My car is back on the market, price is now $10,200. PM me if your interested.
  4. I might have someone who is going to do the job for me but is still need to get the parts. mkk Does anyone know where i can buy a new heater core from? I searched but couldnt find anything yet i remember someone posted up a link to place selling them a while back. cheers Morgan
  5. Ska's DYI is what convinced me to get someone else to do it. I am too impatient to do that. I can just imagine finishing up with about 20 screws left over after i had put the dash back in. Surely someone has had this job done by a workshop in Perth?
  6. My heater core started leaking about a year ago so i disconnected it and all is good. Now my wife is driving the car and would like a working heater for her and the kids. I just havent got the time or effort to have a go at this job myself so i am looking for someone to do it for me. Does anyone want to do fo it for me (cash paid of course) or can you recommend someone who may be up for the job? Any help appreciated. Cheers Morgan
  7. MRO

    Magical Switch

    I have the switch but no remote for it. Has anyone worked out if an aftermarket one can be used somehow?
  8. No thanks mate. I have to have a car with 4 door - got two kid seats to fit in. Good luck with your sale.
  9. Unfortunately its time for me to move onto a new car so here is a link to my for sale ad: http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/Fs...93#entry4266193 If the dollar picks up i will be looking at a M35 in the new year!
  10. For sale: 1997 Series 1 Nissan Stagea. Condition: Well looked after. Very tidy Price and price conditions: $12,600. Cash Extra Info: Standard spec RB25DET 4 speed auto AWD. I imported this car about 2 years ago with 72,000 on the clock. The car now has 110,000. It has been my daily driver for this time and has been well looked after. It has never been boosted (factory is 5psi to 4000rpm then 7psi). I have completed a few sensible and quality mods to make it better to drive including: - tein coilover adjustable height suspension all round. Can go another 2" lower. - Tannabe stainless 3" cat back exhaust. Not too noisy. - high flow cat - JJR split dump pipe - K&N filter - New 52mm alloy radiator - New PWR alloy transmission cooler - 17" r34 Gtt rims with newish 245/35/17 tyres - 100k service completed by C-RED including new water pump (total cost $1400) - R33 GTST brake calipers and disks (very worthwhile updgrade) - Pioneer CD MP3 deck with all wiring for amp and rear sub run to the boot. The car came with a few less common features from the factory that make it better than a lot Stagea's getting around including: - Full Dayz body kit (factory) - all leather interior - dual sunroofs (front and rear) - Remote start (i dont have the keyfob to go with this) - Rare factory airbag MOMO - No WOODGRAIN!! Most highspec Stageas have woodgrain trim that looks like shit. This car has the grey trim that suits the car a lot better. Contact Details: PM me here or call me (Morgan) on 0400 217 341 Location: Perth hills in the evening and weekends. Como during office hours Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: COD __________________
  11. Go away C*ckslider - your opinion is not valid or wanted here. -If you dont want to pull parts off then dont post them up for sale. We all have real lives and i have a car that hasnt moved for 3 weeks while i wait for 2 sellers to offer stuff for sale then be unable or unwilling to sell within a month of offering and then after being patient they decide to sell to someone else. As i said above - i dont mind waiting as i have similar family circumstance but to then be told somone else might be buying. Dont waste my time, if you want to sell to someone else go for it but let me know so i can buy elsewhere. You can reply here but probably better to do PM if you feel you need to so this guy can actually get back to selling stuff.
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