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  1. Selling my QLD plates. Gold on black GTR09 One plate is slim the other standard. Price is 1500 Neg.
  2. just wonderng. i heard that the real swords have a "Blood Track" to allow the blood so flow down and out the blade. ( once inserted into someone ofcourse lol) is that a tru fact and does this sword have it or is that just a dumb rumor i heard.
  3. would u take $50. when i got my gtr the ecu had already been chipped and i got no idea what's been done so looking for a stock unit. pm me.
  4. dont get angry lol, just an offer but i'll give u 150 for it.
  5. where u located? do u also have the air flow meter wiring harness???
  6. hey mate, i'm after the injector and air flow metwer harness and also the fuel tank cover ( need the fuel level sender and floats but i know it's just one unit),. what u asking for them???
  7. hey dude. what kind are they? if they are smooth then i will take em. i'm in logan, brisbane. let me know. either email or call me 0433449392
  8. hey guys. i'm trying to find a couple of things for my 32 gtr. i need a lights switch ( the round thing on the dash) and i need the plastic part that goes around the shifter not the whole centre console just that bit that pops out around the shifter. mine has the small tabs underneath broken so the leather boot keeps moving around. also a centre console lid, mine looks ok but the inside seems broken. thanks everyone.
  9. What quality is the amp and how much u askin lol
  10. will the speedo go into a r32 gtr???? what sorta price can u do for both the pump and speedo?
  11. also interested please post some pics. where u located?
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