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  1. Looking for some interior bits.. 2door drivers side window switch. dash surround . maybe drivers side window relay and motor too.. Let me know if you have any of this. Send me a PM if ya do.. Cheers
  2. Hey Mate, I actually ended up sourcing a mines ecu locally in bris, but thanks. To anyone on a stock ecu with 200 bucks to spare you'd be crazy not to buy this!! I got one last night replaced the factory ecu, have basic mods and now car pulls hard and its the best dosh by far ive ever spent on the line. runs 12-13psi beautifully pulls to redline. No flat spots , no missfire on jjr coils packs with 1.1mm gapped plugs.!! SIK! Free bump someone should buy this!!
  3. I had a bit of a look at it to see how to purge the old fluid and put fresh stuff in but alas, could not see how. rum may not have assisted here. search time, but tips welcome
  4. +1 for another ugly ass noise that coincided with winter this year. Grinding front front of engine bay but have not pin ponted it yet, goes away after a few seconds but 'clue' when i turn the wheel as i drive off when all is still cold the grinding \ dry\stuffed bearing noise can be heard.. goes away after 1 miin tops.. P/s pump fubar u think? Checked fluid level, its dark\dirty looking liquid and just under full, probably 10+years old though series 1 rb25det
  5. turbs33

    Gold Star Autos

    same 2.5 years no issues. price was good at the time.. good to deal with..
  6. Sydneykid, Thanks for the feedback I appreciate it alot.
  7. Heya, Just had my current wheel alignment read. See attached. Just wondering if anyone who knows what good wheel alignment settings should be can comment on any major problem areas I might have. Car sits low on tein super streets if that makes any difference. SBNEMISC45008071611420_0002.pdf
  8. AMEC - Can you give a breif listing of what is included in your 100k services for $953
  9. Did the guy and chick from the crash die???
  10. turbs33


    Yeah sure, as long as we are working on CONCRETE!
  11. See how there is no mention of hooning in the media.. Now just imagine if a Skyline was involved.! Instant hoon status regardless of the scenario.. Even the coppa's were pretty quick to say it was street racing until they found out more facts after the incident!
  12. turbs33


    I am moving... AWAY... from the SOUTH!..
  13. Yep, after seeing the news regarding the fone call about being chased and checking out the scene myself, there was more to this then racing thats for sure.. On site forensics extimated the speed at 150.. debris spread further then they could care to find too.. lol Lol i was supprised the cop did not tell me to bugger off too.. He was cool with the chat! mind u it was all said and done by then, car was on the flat bed and forensics had finished..
  14. Sorry I dont have a pic, but did anyone happen to drive along creek rd mt gravatt east last night heading toward carindale? From the chat I had with the cops there was a fatality and the unlucky driver of a suzuki swift (late model) lost control and absolutely totalled the car.. the other car involved left the scene.!!! But they know who it is. I stood there looking at the wreck on the back of a flat bed in disbeleif trying to understand what model of car it was.... I had to ask the cops and tow truck driver to be told it was the suzuki.. all glass, every panel totally disformed.. Doors missing.. it was f**ked up... Nothing on news.com.au... anyone got any further info?
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