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  1. and i actually did drive to canberra, drove away VERY dissapointed after seeing a very bad example. wish you did drive to sydney for these parts because id just sit on a rock and chew my nails as per your actions when i arrived.
  2. i still have the full original air box + 'snorkle' from my car, make an offer and your more than welcome to come and pick it up from SYDNEY.
  3. hey everyone, last time i put up this ad i was flooded with pm's and have made some great ongoing contacts which I deal with very regularly (some even weekly!) - so im hoping the same success from this post im looking to buy any working or broken mobile phones in any condition, even if completely stuffed or in pieces. preferably nokia - but will consider other models. looking to buy in bulk. and will pay cash or via direct deposit if you are not located in sydney (and we can organise pickup) please PM me, or call me on 0402-487-085 and let me know what you have and your asking price. majority of phones will be used as parts for my mobile repair business so even old models are considered. would also be great if any of you guys out there that work in phone shops that can get them all the time are interested? because this is not just a one time offer, looking to buy ALL the time for as long as you can supply. can never have enough parts. so dig through your draws, ask around and do a round up - get all phones you can and i'll pay you cash im located in sydney, so may be able to pick up depending where you are located - otherwise i will pay via direct deposit. thanks in advance.
  4. your car deserves much more respect than that - sell it and buy a porsche so someone can give your car the appreciation it deserves.
  5. yeah ill take one (when im old and going through that mid life crisis stage)
  6. cars arent an investment, what did you think was going to happen!! and yes, you can get 1995 series 1 r33 gtrs now a days for 25k - BUT try find an original (not resprayed, non abused and sensibly modified) example for $25k - you get exactly what you pay for and its almost guranteed you'll have to put another 10k into it soon after you get it to keep it running. i literally looked at around 40 before i found mine. with this guys car here - it seems pretty well treated - and he deserves around the 13k mark, no less. series 1 gtst's in almost original condition like this can be hard to find now a days. sure some dude on the thread said here that his mate bought one resprayed in xr6 purple for 8.5k, but dude - why was it resprayed? is it 2 half cuts? was it hail damaged? was the paint even prepped properly - how do you know it wont just peel in a few months time - too many unanswered questions and too many risks. im sure a smart buyer will pick this one up eventually, but in the end - you seriously do get what you pay for!
  7. pm's replied - and i am located in castle hill in sydney
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