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  1. Ey random idea but interesting i think what about north to south doing a few freeway runs looking at Christmas lights ?? plenty of interesting snobby suburbs to annoy
  2. Let me know if your still doing group buy im interested ... what other models do they have difference resolutions etc ? Cheers
  3. yeh the rest of the car is mint, its a very good start to a nice car tho. can i get some rough figures ? and what options i would araise in this optitunity ?? Thanks for the feedback ey
  4. Hey, Done a compression test on a car i was looking at buying. Results came out pretty random. Wondering if i could have a little feedback as why. Rb26-slightly modded 1. 100 2. 65 3. 130 4. 125 5. 40 6. 130 I mean shit on a new engine there sposs to be 171kpa @ 300 rpm i realise that's on a new engine. so anything above 120 - 130 i assume is ok ?? engines about 100 thousand km's At high revs you can feel it missing slightly, but idle is quiet normal. thinking either over boosted or exhaust valve open a bit on 1,2,5 ? timing ? Any feed back would be sweet Cheers
  5. So, Seriously would you concider selling with out stereo, rims. And taking the misc feedback about the engine, sounds like it needs a bit of attention. and the gearbox... What is a price your willing to?? Cheers Pm me with some info thanks
  6. Hey cheers for the feedback. Genuine GTR; Yeh very tru there are alot of them out there, working with a limit of about 20 for purchase price see a fair few around but mostly above the 25k mark for something that has a little work done to it and reasonable body... Fake GTR; As for parts and stuff i would had imagined it would be same kind of price running gtr as same running gear ? not sure really seeking info read a few reviews on the conversion and some say the gts chassis is lighter then gtr ??? But yeh the cost of it would had outta control glad i didnt pay for it Cheers again for the replies, see if u can help me a little further
  7. Hey, Have been looking at a r32 GTR, but the paint n panel work have slightly put me off... So been shopping around and found a R32 GTS-T converted to a GTR N1. Just wondering if any one could give me some advise on what i should check as i know this would had been a severe mod.... Including 4wd, RB26, front and rear guards. Looks really nice.. Also would this be registered as a GTR or GTS-T ?? as its changed a fair bit... If possible can i get some further info on if this is a wise mod or just strange.... Thanks for the input.
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