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  1. Fees yeah, initial fee is like 87 or something. Retest 70something. For the non bookings, if you want first in, get there really early. I just got there about lunchtime, brought food drink and played games on my phone lol. (Waited 30-45mins-ish) As for spotting it, I went to the Welshpool one and its next door to the licensing centre there - 4 big lanes with roofs over it so yeah, easy to spot
  2. http://www.transport.wa.gov.au/licensing/21360.asp
  3. Thats a slick & I cbf explaining. Car handles insane right now and I'm not changing it.
  4. Least its going to be JDM as fk. pics to come in the following days.
  5. Handles like a go kart on the track. Or a rabbit on the road (jumps around).
  6. Fks sake, now you've got bubba started on the whole RB30 thing again... His car ain't seen road for what, 2 years now?
  7. ^Thorough workshop inspection. Stickers for timing belt (if you're lucky)
  8. no Should mention, I don't have a stagea and just realised this is the stagea section..
  9. I also run 40 psi all round in 255/35/17s. If I know I'm going to be smashing it, 50 will be what I run. Will say though, that my car isn't a daily, already has rock hard suspension and no rear seats
  10. LOL and this guy drives his car once a month...
  11. I'd say 8th but could only maybe make a few stops pending times.
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