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  1. BUMP BUMP BUMP..... engine is out of car now.. i'm dropping the price to $650 but thats the lowest i'm going need to have this cleared asap.. CMON PPL someone must want a cheap rb25det engine witha all manifolds.
  2. BUMP.......... Price drop $850 oNo.... cmon people need this gone asap..
  3. the tapping noise has decreased substantially, how do i post up pics of the compression test if it was just one analog ones where you remove the spark plug?
  4. Hi, yes it is the same engine. I took the car to my mechanic and it was just a case of the timing belt being put on one tooth out and a broken waterpump but it comes with a replacement water pump. I've just had bad luck with skylines since the time i bought it so i'm just selling the car in parts now. Just to clarify. the engine is in good working order now... if anyone needs any other parts off the r33 body pm me.. thanks
  5. Hi i'm in melbourne too. i have rear stock springs with aftermarket shockers and all you have to do is bolt them up. PM me if ur interested
  6. BUMp... comon someone must be interested in a rb25 engine... PRICE DROP TO $950
  7. i'm pretty sure that the problem was the water pump because it was unbalanced because i had to cut it for the intercooler piping
  8. SOLD... DELETE TOPIC Item:Tomei Poncam for rb25det series 1 engine Age:4 months Condition:BRAND NEW NEVER USED Price:TRADE OR $750 To Fit:r33 Series 1 (What car) Location:Melbourne Contact:Nick Comments:I want to trade my s1 poncams for set of s2 cams because i recently upgraded to a s2 engine and never got around to installing them. if i can find anyone to trade then i'll sell it. They are Tomei Poncams 256deg with 8.5mm lift BRAND NEW NEVER USED Paid over $900 for them and never used
  9. i tried to start the car today to drive it to the mechanics and while i was driving, the water pump came off and shat itself.. radiator fluid everywhere.. mite just consider replaceing the engine.
  10. yeh its going in tomorrow...so i'll keep you guys informed
  11. i mean liek a really loud tapping sound at idle.. and this gets louder the more u rev... it sounds like the cam is hitting the lifters
  12. hi, i'm new to this forum. recently i replaced the blown engine out of my r33 gtst skyline with another one that i bought off ebay. everything went in and it starts and everything. however, there it has a few problems. 1) the revs fluctuate betweeekn 500 and 1300 rpm. 2) when driving and coming to a complete stop when you have the clutch in it just wants to stall out. 3)there is this fkn loud tapping sound comming from the bottom of the inlet side of the head. ( a few people have told me that it could be the lifters) personally i think the person who put the timing belt on originally it could be a tooth out but would it cause this problem? and the car goes really shit not smooth at all!!!!!!! 4) when coming on boost, the car just backs off by itself liek it sputters and missfires. ive nearly had enuf of this car lol.. plz help. Thanks in advance
  13. count me in if my paint job and car is running all ok by then.
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