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  1. $200 for a full set of racing pads for a Mazda mx5 1994 to 2003. I bought the wrong pads for my 2004 mx5 SE. They are Hawk DTC-60 race pads front and rear. They retail for around $140 a pair. The pads are new in the box, never used. Don't mind my finger prints in the photos
  2. From what I've heard and a couple of minutes of googling, they seem like pretty expencive tyres to buy in Australia. Nengun The US sites like Tire Rack and 1010 Tires have cheaper prices but I don't know how much shipping would be if they did it to Oz. It's sad cuz I want them too... :'( 215/40R17 and 235/40R17
  3. {EDIT} took out caps so as not to offend. After reading this thread it's clear that the reason you guys don't see eye to eye is because some of you are talking about how fast your oil is causing your engine to wear and some are talking about the 'feeling' you get from using a particular oil. As siksII points out there are lots of ways oil can be bad for your engine. These are all quantifiable and do indeed indicate how quickly your engine is wearing out "dying". but as others have pointed out, using top notch oil with the manufacturer’s specs can still make the car sound and feel rough. Driving around with a rough sounding engine just doesn't inspire confidence and so you drive 'softly' so as not to hurt your engine. At the end of the day you are all aiming to have an enjoyable driving experience. both of aspects of your oil (the feeling and the engine wear) affect the driving experience and so are both equally relevant. This is not the first time a single forum thread has been host to two quite separate conversations. Trying to ‘win both of these at once’, so to speak, is futile. For the record I agree with you both. I aim to buy oil that doesn't cause excessive wear to my engine but at the same time doesn't make it sound like a diesel truck. PS: Statements like these are not helping anyone. We were all born with free will. If you care enough about something you WILL put in the effort to learn about it. No one is born knowing the answers to life. We all have to learn them our selves.
  4. Actually, they'll fit on the rearfron of my car but not on the front... which means my ABS will kick in if I dont have the same overall wheel/tyre size. So I'll have to leave it man. Sorry about screwing you around. (I really did want them. Stupid small whell arches!) Pete.
  5. I'll give you $100 for the 215/45R17 Re55's Where can I pick them up from?
  6. OMFG...... Arup, does this guy think he's talking about you?.... Sounds like he's saying whatever is needed to "win" a "pointless" argument his "not" having..... Y did he reply when he wasn't gonna waste time with your ignorance? :lol:
  7. You 2 need to forget the stores and acctually listen to these speakers in a CAR!. If u 2 have forgotten, This is a CAR forum and there's no point comparing speakers installed in a car and ones in a shop. HiFi shops are QUIET. Cars are anything BUT. HiFi stores have speakers in (close to) optimal enclosures. Cars have SHIT enclosures, unless u go 2 great lengths to make a box in the door, and even still will not come close to the manufacture's enclosure. HiFi stores have great amps with an almost perfect power supply. Cars have different amps and batteries in every one. With the motor running there will be more noise in the power lines than ANY power-point. HiFi stores have great stuff for the house. Some things may be taken and used in the car (eg: paradigm titans) but WILL NOT sound the same once installed. Cars may have great sounding speakers for small spaces but when put in a lounge room will, once again, sound DIFFERENT. So stop pointless arguing and compare apples with apples or go sit in some1's car and compare oranges and oranges. My 2cents. PS: Arup, I'm taking the TITANS...... U don't use them, u won't notice.
  8. i paid $45 cuz it was a group thing at Girraween... And i do have too much time cuz i'm at uni part-time but i have NO MONEY ! , hence the camry for a car....
  9. ok i went from 60Kws to 66Kws with just a cat-back, and no1 would believe me that i would get over 70Kws by adding headers and a K&N element filter.... but guess what... I DID. 73.5 Kws at the wheels!!! it was soo funy:bahaha:
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