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  1. No Skyline to measure ...... information needed for a project. Are you saying that all non Gtr's use the same length of bolt ? If so, can somebody tell me the length of those bolts ? (please)
  2. I know the R34 Gtt front caliper bolts are an M14x1.5p, but what length are they ? Extensive searching seems to yield differing results....... anyone with a Gtt like to clarify this ! (please)
  3. Looking to buy a pair of front Brembo calipers to suit a Gtr (R32/33/34) Let me know what you've got
  4. Brand new Never been used $22.50ea or $40 the pair (plus postage)
  5. Radiator fan Has some small hairline cracks but otherwise in good condition FREE to good home
  6. M12 x 1.25, so my answer to your question would be YES
  7. Still for sale. chilzzi doesn't know the difference between his Gts-t and a Gtr
  8. 3 magnetic sump plugs. Brand new never been used. $11ea or $30 for the lot. Will provide free postage if buyer takes all 3. Please note : these plugs do NOT fit Gtr, Gts-4 or 300zx
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