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  1. 12 plugs @ $9ea Must take the lot (will not separate) $108 + $11.25 Courier
  2. Any takers ? I see people paying more for a magnetic sump plug with a tiny little magnet !!! These things are high temp magnets and would pull the fillings out of your teeth, so they will not leave any metal in your diff or gearbox oil.
  3. My mate has sold his car, so these have to go ! These Brembos are probably not up to the task for a track car, but they are fantastic brakes for any road car (and they are legal) Submit a reasonable offer and I'll see what he says
  4. Last set reduced to sell before Xmas $69 (that's only $11.50ea)
  5. Brand new 18 plugs available @ $75/set of 6 Can send Australia wide for $9.20 (for all 3 sets or each individual set) Message me for details or if you have any queries
  6. Skyline, Sylvia, Stagea, 300zx and a whole bunch of other Nissans It was a commonly used size in manual transmissions and differentials
  7. My mate owns an identical set to the ones I had ..... he has to sell them because he's out of work at the moment !
  8. Open to reasonable offers (will include FREE shipping in the price)
  9. 14mm hex head, 3/4” BSPT drain plugs with high temperature magnets, for manual transmissions and differentials $55 the pair or separately @ $29.95ea Message me for payment details or if you have any questions
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