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  1. Anyone know where to find the fiberglass trim surround of the sunroof I broke it removing it to replace the seal
  2. Hey ! I swapped a rb25neo into my r32 gtst about ten years ago and never correctly wired the wiper motors! Now it’s time to drive this thing again . They turn off and do not return to the park position. Can anyone help me with the wiring diagrams ? Thanks !
  3. Any chance at all that the original pictures can be re-added
  4. there has to be someone on here that uses these injectors? what plug will work for it? anyone!? thanks
  5. i would imagine so but i have no idea what other brand would work.
  6. I need six aca bk402 plugs for my deka injectors. I tried emailing and calling aca directly from the contact info on their website and they are both wrong contact info. Does anyone know how i can purchase some immediately? Thanks, Garret
  7. hey my head cracked and i need a new one . if any one has one and are able to ship to alberta canada let me know asap thanks, Garret
  8. need a rb25det neo head. must be able to ship to canada. thanks guys, Garret
  9. What do i need for headgasket swap other than the studs and headgasket(of course). Thanks, Garret
  10. Does anyone know if the headgasket from an 89 rb26 will fit on a neo 25?
  11. yeah mine took about a week in total also.its pretty simple,just take your time and do things right the first time and you wont have any problems good luck
  12. it would be easier to put it back into an r33. r32 swap has different lengthed driveshafts, motor mounts,power steering pump,and the wiring needs to be modified.The tranny is a different size so the mounts need to be modified there also,and if your speedometer is an electronic output on your old tranny it will not work with the r32 speedometer. i did an r34 rb25 so its a bit different than your motor so the wiring was more difficult. but in my opinion it is well worth it,i love the power that it has now,in such a light car. good luck
  13. I was just wondering if anyone uses the nissan consult laptop system for diagnosing engine codes. Is it worth purchasing? Thanx, Garret
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