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  1. Thanks everyone. I have spoken to heaps of people and the Kevlar seems to be more drivable. I am getting it installed tomorrow so I guess I will find out then. Cheers.
  2. I need some help picking a clutch for my R33 GTS-t. I have a FMIC, Increased boost and full exhuast. I do not plan to do much more to the car, but it is due for a new clutch. I do the odd track day and the car is a daily driver as well. Can anybody please tell me whether a Kevlar or Ceramic clutch would be better suited. I need to drive the car daily so the clutch must be a little user friendly, but I do not mind a heavier clutch feel. Any feedback on what each type of clutch is like to drive with would be much appreciated. Thanks
  3. I am after a coil pack for a Series 1 R33 GTS-T Skyline. I need one pack to test for a possible faulty coil.
  4. Can anyone advise me of a good Wheel Repair place in Sydney. I am based in the Hills District and have a set of rims that need some minor repairs. Thanks in advance.
  5. Look at www.uniqueautosports.com.au I am pretty sure they have a set for sale at the moment. Not sure on the price. I pretty sure they can ship OS.
  6. Thanks. $800.00 for a piece of flat fibre glass....mmmm..... I think I might visit a bodykit shop and get a quote on a custom job. It would be such an easy thing to make. Thanks again.
  7. Thanks. $800.00 for a piece of flat fibre glass....mmmm..... I think I might visit a bodykit shop and get a quote on a custom job. It would be such an easy thing to make. Thanks again.
  8. Does anybody know whether a flat boot/lip wing can be purchased for an R33 GTS-t? I want the boot of my skyline to sit level with the rest of the car and just have a lip wing off the rear of the boot. I am sure I have seen one before. Does anyone know a company that sells them? Unique sell something similar but it just seems to sit around the edge of the boot, it does not level out the whole boot. Any links or company names appreciated.
  9. I was advised by an exhaust shop that if you punch out your cat he will report you to the RSPCA. No, actually that back of the car will get black muck over it. You would have to clean your car every few days to hide the fact the cat is empty.
  10. Does anyone know how to test the individual coil packs on a R33 GTS-t? I presume with a multimeter? If it is with a multimeter what read outs would I look for i.e what range is a healthy coil pack? Thanks in advance.
  11. I am running an after-market boost gauge & the car is running between 7-8 psi and only boosted to 12 psi max. I think the fuel air ration will give me a few clues.
  12. Thanks for your help. I have re-gapped the plugs to .7 but it did not make a difference. I will clean the plug housing and see what that does. I have not measured the air/fuel, but I am keen to do that next. Looking at the plug condition I am concerned that the car is leaning out when it misses? The problem that your car was having is exactly the same as mine. I will keep trialing and hopefully find an answer.
  13. I have an R33 GTS-T that has just developed a mis occuring at around the 5500rpm mark. It is not constant in every gear but is a common enough problem to cause concern. I have changed the plugs and re-gapped them to no avail. I am thinking it may be the fuel pump starting to die on me? How do I test it? The car has a full 3 inch exhaust, aftermarket BOV, K&N Pod filter, FMIC. It is running standard boost at the moment, when I crank it the mis is more noticable. Please help.
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