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  1. Hey guys and gals, Tein springs and shocks sold pending payment
  2. Already got a heavy duty clutch and thats fine. Thanks for the info, ill start researching which one to get
  3. No worries, I just had a look at your build and its an impressive amount of work you've done. I notice you have a light flywheel and was wondering if it makes the car hard to drive. I was thinking of getting one cuz i love the fast engine response but my mechanic thinks it will make the car uneasy in traffic. What are your thoughts?
  4. I just checked the original paper work and matched it the codes on the springs themselves. The details are circled in a scan of the paper. These Springs match up to the MEDIUM serial number. I now have Tein flex type coil overs and i know what you mean about them being hard. I only changed because the skyline isn't my daily anymore. Picture below You will also notice that these springs are specifically designed for the ECR33 and i therefor expect they would be better than any pedders or king springs etc. for the r33. My experience was that they are comfortable and as the springs are progressive they absorbed all the little bumps well whilst getting progressively harder with more travel. I hope this helps
  5. Hi Guys and Gals, Tein Springs with shocks Have original box and receipts for tein springs, were on the car less than 10,000k Were a great sporty and comfortable ride for the street. Great upgrade from stock springs. Low but still legal. Car pictured below with the springs fitted. $250 ono Stock springs $40 ono Pod Sold I am in Caulfield Vic Pickup preferred Call/pm if you need any more info or pics James 0408 322 133
  6. Apexi pod sold. Tein springs with stock shocks now $250 pick up
  7. Not to mention the mercedes range of SL's or anything made by maserati. My dad has a maserati grandsport. 25,000km- Traction control, engine cooling fans, electric windows, transmission all rubbish. Even the Italian leather interior is looking tired with door seals falling off etc etc. GTR has a never before seen level of sofistication (aka, complexity) of its drive train transmission unit in a car that costs half as much as these italian supercars. Difference is the italians will never fix it and nissan will try to work out the bugs for the next generation. I also don't think the built quality (seats doorseals etc) Would be of a poor quality like the ones ive experienced in the maserati given my r33 still doesn't have any such issues. R35 definately much better value than any italian or european competition imo and if nissan can keep making cars like the GTR it will only be a matter of time before their held in the same regard as a brand.
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