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  1. Does that mean I can still come Albert? Seeing as you invited me? Or am I a 'tag along'?
  2. spotted black r34 gtt in windsor on george st/macquarie st this arvo
  3. hey albert yeah i'm in for the 22nd. ns.com have been heaps slack with their hills meets hey, haven't had one for a couple months apparently. should see if rohan and ash wanna join, at least so i won't be the only silvia there cheers - sam
  4. Hey Albert, what's been going on? Haven't seen you since the ns.com Northmead meet. - Sam
  5. spotted black 33 gtr with white nismo stripe and white te37's at woolloomooloo this morning. rego bdu-**w spotted white 34 gtt on wattle st around 1620 this arvo
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