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  1. pillo

    Broken Into :@

    yea, well it was just one of those things u say, But true, no one got hurt and just bit of money in the end, replacable. Atleast they can't login to any of the laptops. Window guy here now, shud be able to get to bed and put my heater on soon
  2. House just got ganked. Took 3 laptops, ransacked upstairs. Smashed sliding door window which is gonna cost like $1k . I sometimes read bout ppls cars getting window smashed and stuff ganked and now i feel that same frustration. Just the feeling that you can't do anything bout it and probably nothing will happen to them. Thinking of just camping in my backyard with a pole incase ppl walk in through the side. And its sooooooo fkn cold in my house now
  3. hmmm, hollywood highschool ---> shenton college?
  4. What people do. Some guy sold the domain pizza.com for $2.6 mill or something after paying like 20$ a year to hold it since 1994/96 ...
  5. or maybe a L28 bored 3.1L TT? I been looking out for these. I like the style of it. I say do it.
  6. That would of made an awsome gif
  7. everyone thinks they own the show nowadays
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