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  1. Great to hear that the car is back on the road Gav. I bet it will be hard having to wait untill you come back to have another drive. Did the bridged manifold fix the turbo shuffle problem you originally had with the GT-RS Turbos? Cheers, Dror
  2. When I was in Melbourne I spoke to AVO about this conversion and they apparently slot the engine mounts to allow the engine to sit a little lower. I think it still comes close to touching the bonnet though. Cheers, Dror
  3. Yeah you can get them from the Nissan dealer but the price is rediculous.
  4. As the title suggests I am looking for the parts that fit into an RB26 block that squirt oil up onto the pistons. I am not sure what their correct name is but hopefully you get the idea. I need a full set of six. Cheers, Dror
  5. I have been down the track of the RB30 bottom end. I had prices from two credible workshops to supply a prepped block and crank girdle/adaptor and they ranged from $5-$7k and thats before you buy a crank, rods and pistons so I don`t see how that comes out any cheaper. It seems that a lot of workshops will tell you how cheap this conversion is untill you actually come to do it and the price doubles. I realise that they can rev the OS Giken RB30 to 10,000rpm but I don`t think you can compare a standard RB30 block and crank to the sleeved block and high end forged crank of the OS kit. I have heard that the standard RB30 crank is forged but I doubt it matches the quality of the OS crank. If anyone can do the RB30 conversion for a guaranteed price and quality I would be more than happy to talk to them. I just hate getting nasty surprises when it comes time to fork out the dollars. Cheers, Dror
  6. The price was from the Hi Octane Racing website.
  7. The package includes a forged crank, forged h-beam rods, forged pistons and spacers for the oil squirters. I don`t know what size the pistons are. That was one of the things that I was hoping someone would know. I was a bit off on the price aswell, it is actually $8400 plus gst but I would think that you could get it for a bit less than full retail.
  8. I don`t know if it would fit or not but I don`t think i would want to spin a crank out of a diesel to 9000rpm. Those engines redline at about 4500. I was more interested in info on the Tomei kit in particular.
  9. Does anyone have any info on this kit. As far as I can tell it is about $8000 in Aus which seems fairly reasonable compared to the price of other Jap stroker kits for GTR`s. Are the components of lower quality than other brands or have they just tried to be more competitive with the pricing? Cheers, Dror
  10. Sydneykid, Have you not had any problems at this power level with a block overbored that far? I had been warned that the cylinder walls would crack at this sort of power. Cheers, Dror
  11. I don`t have a block at the moment. The one from my car has nice big holes in both sides. The problem is finding a block that is still at standard bore or a maximum of 0.5mm over. I am chasing around 700 flywheel hp from this engine so do not want a block that is over 86.5mm bore. Cheers, Dror
  12. What are peoples thoughts on machining and re-sleeving a GTR block. Will it be as strong as original? Stronger? Or is it not recommended? I have heard different opinions on this and would like to see if anyone has done this before. Cheers, Dror
  13. Do your self a favour and don`t go out on the track untill you have sump baffles, extra capacity etc. My GTR shot a rod out the side of the block in only two laps of a short circuit. It already had an oil cooler and remote filter but on semi slick tyres it took no time at all to cause a very expensive failure. It`s not worth the risk. Cheers, Dror
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