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  1. MR GTT plates for sale. One slimline, one normal in perfect condition. Selling for $300.
  2. GONE! Enjoy that car Deanno... I know you'll appreciate it
  3. From what I can tell no. I'm running an R33 GTR clutch master on my R32 GTR with no issues... if anything it feels a lot better!
  4. Price drop, 20k FIRM without the Greddy Turbos and HKS Cam gears. Car has been dyno'd for 223kw at RE Autoworks.
  5. SOLD (Pending payment)... to one lucky bastard in Sydney...
  6. Just hit it with some scratch X. Looks like it may have gone all the way into the paint...
  7. Hey guys, Had a guy testing my aircon and accidentally dropped some yellow indicator on the paint. No biggy I thought but when we tried to wipe it off it appears to have stained my clear coat. How the hell do you get it off? I've tried to clean it with carwash, tried the clay bar and I'm stuck now... Thoughts???
  8. Thanks Dave, I really went all out no bars held. The paint job was a full respray (So everything including the engine was taken out for the respray). Hopefully the new owner will take care of it as well as I have thus far... only Zymol wax on that job
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