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  1. I agree the part is rare, and rare costs, if I was rebuilding a mint stock GTS-R that needed one I would jump on it, but putting that on a RB20 in a 32, no way. It would actually make me sad wasting that on a GTS-T and not on a GTS-R.
  2. I thought it was way cool, till I looked at the price. Well, if you had a HR31 GTS-R that didn't have one, and it was mint, then yeah, I guess, maybe.... $5k, wow
  3. LOL, fastest "street" R33 with a sunroof? Sorry..
  4. Yeap, this is why I paid a kidney to insure my "engineered" shit box R33 Skyline with comprehensive, and ended up swapping to third party fire and theft. I am currently working on getting my 86 engineered, doing so will be fine for my rego and green slip, BUT, the cost of comprehensive insurance for it will be as high as Amy Winehouse on a bender. That's if I can find a insurer that will cover it. Meh, third party fire & theft may be an cheaper option or third party property cover if all else fails. The only way to be safe insurance wise it to get an engineering certificate for all modifications stating the car meets all required guidelines and declare every modification on your insurance agreement. It's possible to be covered and not get rogered, but you need to follow the bouncing ball then stick your hand deep into your pocket. Or, risk it for the biscuit...... Mmmmmmm, biscuits
  5. In my insurance agreement it states that my insurance can be void if I don't inform the insurer of any changes. Not my insurance company, but..... 3. Modifying your car (without telling your insurer) https://www.finder.com.au/car-insurance-exclusions My suggestion is to read your agreement, in the end expect the insurance company to come at you pistols blazing.
  6. Pretty sure no one, well no one that matters, cares about cam covers. When I have been pulled over it was always only the rego plate check, and obvious defectable modifications, the only time the engine/body number and tags were wanted was when I had my 25/30 engineered and added to the rego, 1 Hwy patrol officer who was very thorough (he seemed overly angry at the world) and once at a pop up RTA (RMS) inspection station on the Foreshore in Botany. This all counts for nothing if your involved in a big crash and/or insurance companies get involved. If a insurance company can prove you car is not roadworthy they pay nothing, having a different engine than what is on the rego papers instantly makes the car unroadworthy. It would negate the green slip 3rd party as well. Food for thought for a worse case senario situation.
  7. Still 27 days out, she'll be fine by then.
  8. For some JDM Kei Kar Kool Not fast, but super cool. There will be alot of "cool" cars that you could get for the money you eventually flip the Skyline for.
  9. https://plazmaman.com/product/r33-gtst-air-box/ Or, for the same money, make a template out of cardboard, then transcribe onto 20 gauge alloy, buy a nutsert gun and some nut serts https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/toolpro-toolpro-rivet-nut-tool/523129.html then prep and paint with https://www.vhtpaint.com/high-heat/vht-wrinkle-plus-coatings You'll also need a drill, some tin snips, a smooth file, and some pinch weld https://www.clarkrubber.com.au/products/31733-pvc-black-pinchweld-small-8mm-x-5-5mm Oh, and a brake Takes at a few templates to get right usually. Typically it doesn't take longer than a 6 pack. Gratification level = 10 million
  10. Can you spot me, I'll buy you a beer. Only lets not do 2J as I could never register it, a camed up LS on the other hand is achievable, costly though, but with you paying I'm not to fussed on the estimated $60+k it would cost. Cheers I'll keep an eye out for a brown paper bag full of cash dropped on my door step.
  11. But it sounds like a jet.. OP, put on cover, it will still sound whoosshhhy, but be more legsl and less hot air
  12. The car got called a sleeper today, LOL. Damn this little thing is fun.
  13. https://images.app.goo.gl/R4QBeebYropDNUqM9 https://www.google.com/search?q=Equinox+heater+core&source=lmns&tbm=shop&bih=530&biw=320&client=ms-android-telstra-au&prmd=imnv&hl=en&ved=2ahUKEwio-_-67uDlAhUTyHMBHdIQCOYQ_AUoBXoECAAQCA Amazeballs
  14. Just Jap had fan shrouds a while ago, Fenix, I believe, fit the OEM fan shroud. An undertray would be beneficial as well. Easily fabricated as well.
  15. Throttle control and restraint. Well, that's what your meant to have anyway. Cheers
  16. mlr

    Tyson Garrahy

    Yeah, him and the cannibal he rode in on
  17. Poo tickets are to far away, I would end up face down on the floor if I was having drunk dump.
  18. Nah, I've used them on a few cars, but never my own, it only takes a few seconds to get into the boot. Plus trying to find enough space inside the small cab is a problem, well, it is a issue with a 1.5kg with a hose. No room in either footwell if you still want to sit in the car and not kick it all the time, nowhere in the rear, plus the rear would take longer to get it than the boot. Cars tend to burn slowly to start with, from my experience with burning cars anyway.
  19. It has been rattling around loose in the boot for ages. As long as I don't try and drive on the roof of a tunnel I should be fine. #BECAUSENOTRACECAR
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