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  1. Marks wheels 4.5. So, after alot of searching around I finally have a tray full of stocko rims 2 x 15 x 7 and 3 x 15 x 6 I'll drop them off at jaxs tomorrow to get stripped so I can then prep and paint them all stocko silver. The 15 x 6 will get some 195/65 on them and the 15 x 7 will get some 26 x 9.5 15 Mickey Thompson ET street S/S. By then my converter should have arrived and been installed and it will be time to see how the old girl finally goes. I'm hoping for a very low 12 with the car in "full street trim". Hence the 3rd 15 x 6 which will be the spare in the boot. Fun times ahead.
  2. Gave the boat a minor service, whilst it was up on stands I had a good look underneath for any issues. Only issue was the exhaust hangers were on their last legs, so I've got 4 new hangers coming via fleabay. In other news: I hate people......today, some dick in a yellow car (there was no yellow car around, only the tell tale yellow paint left on my rear bar) reversed into the right rear and scratched the bumper, well, it scratched up the clear coat and needed alot of love with some polish and my little Ryobi 1 polishing machine. That is the 3rd ding from a carpark, and it's not like I park close to the shops, typically I take it to the top floor and park as far away from any other car as I possibly can, muppets still manage to park so close next to me that it is a struggle to get in the car. And don't get me started on women carrying massive handbags scratching away as they make their way between cars......stupid cows...... In non-rant related news: I also still need one more 15 x 7 chaser rim for some drag radials. Please can I has now
  3. https://hiace-super-custom.forumotion.com/t2320-draining-the-cooling-system Is the heater core connected? Old trick when heater core leaks is to bypass the heater core. Post pics
  4. The Forester handles like a farm truck, but, they are better for offroading. They do have some potential though. And for around 10k you should be able to find a sub 200k km Forester that you can make handle for a few grand with some parts. The Liberty (LOLberty), is a much nicer package all over. But, for 10k your not going to be able to find a nice manual Liberty. There is always the Outlander as well. Me, I would go the Fozzie. Sadly there is nothing above advertised in WA. Subaru manual gearboxes are not really that strong, abuse will kill it. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars?q=(And.Price.range(..10000)._.Induction.Turbo._.(C.Make.Subaru._.(Or.Model.Forester._.Model.Impreza._.Model.Liberty._.Model.Outback.))_.GenericGearType.Manual._.(Or.FuelType.Petrol+-+Premium+ULP.)) Lots of inspiration on YouTube from technical 4X4, rally to track Good luck
  5. Got a talking too because the cars exhaust was to loud today, it was for a breath test, the cop doing the test was called over and talked to by another older cop. In the end they "recommended" that I quieten it down sooner rather than later It was a fair call really, whilst it sounded good with a rear muffler delete, when I was on the loud pedal, it was really loud. It was also a little droney on the Hwy especially with the 3.91 gears it would sit around 2.3k rpm doing a dollar ten, it didn't really bother me, but Jackie and the kids said the car was "boomy", and with a big road trip for me and Jackie planned for January, the more peaceful I can get the interior the less whinging will unfold. So, the Pacemaker rear box is back on and now, the car is too quiet...... In other news, waiting for the new converter to turn up is painfull, I was told it could be 6 to 8 weeks, so far it has been 5.....
  6. I'm going to say no, welding will need to be involved. Why go from 3.5 to 3 to 3.5 If you want venom go > https://www.mrcperformance.com.au/venom-exhaust-stainless-100-cell-high-flow-3.5-cat?gclid=CjwKCAjwiaX8BRBZEiwAQQxGxyLrz7Uhgi0evqY_SFXQ12s0NaB7AXUVbi-dwFF1FAYwwkxrk8L8ixoCS5AQAvD_BwE
  7. When I had my old R33 I spent more time driving hire cars that that old boat. Track it, break it, fix it, rinse and repeat. Old Uncle Duncan did warn me about tracking my daily, I was just to stupid to listen. I do still have all the oil stains to remind me of those days gone by though, and the masive hole in the bank account that the Mrs reminds me of every time I modify my other cars or bikes. Fun times though
  8. As a first car that he wants to work on? OP, "Tokyo freeway racing scene and also a bit of rally here and there" I would look at a some turbo RWD drift type pig, or a Impresa WRX or older EMO. https://www.hotcars.com/surprising-facts-about-the-japanese-underground-car-scene/ Or a Ferrari......or a Civic......with neons Or..
  9. Questions 1. Budget (car-insurance-rego-spare funds for when stuff break) 2. Is this your only vehicle 3. Do you have an OPAL card (or access to another vehicle or pushbike when it breaks) 4. Your mechanical aptitude 5. Work space (garage-carport-driveway-street) 6. Licence type (manual-auto-p plate) 7. Seating capacity and passengers (whislt the 86/brz is a good little package, if you need to put a normal size human in the back they will end up hating you after 10 minutes) 8. Tools 9. Do you have someone to take with you to "inspect" a vehicle 10. Patience (you will require alot) 11. AWD-RWD-FWD preference 12. Main use of car (street-track-rally-mad skids) 12. The understanding that all the money you drop into a car will not be recouped at sale time For a first car I always recommend some cheapish stock car you can learn to service and spanner on, and one that after a year or so you can flip if needed and not lose to much cash on
  10. Waiting for parts is tiresome...I need my high stall and I want it now... Today was a big cleaning day though, took the Mrs to Goulburn in the SS to lunch with the daughter last week and the car got smashed by bugs, then, the next day......I rode the bike to Goulburn to lunch with the daughter, again......yeap, hitting a swarm of bugs at 110kph makes a mess of that Dart screen. I'm really glad I got that screen, I was only wearing a light kevlar jacket and the bugs that hit my biceptacons stung like a bitch, I would hate to be taken them "in the face", the canola is in bloom and the bugs are thick as 10 thick things. In other news I have officially stopped looking for a new car, I'm really enjoying driving the old Commonwhore, it's mad comfy, and lays mad skids.
  11. I bought a Yaris for my daughter I believe the Yaris was only meant to be a car that fathers buy for their female offspring as a first car
  12. Or a phone call... "hello Subaru, this is Toyota, when will our new 86's be ready" LOL at Toyota, their only 2 sporty cars are made by BMW or Subaru.
  13. Drop some pics and a little story about your 2 beasties mate. Or shoot a link to your build threads if you have them.
  14. Marketed right, 30k minimum in this market In 5 years time it won't be worth half that Disclaimer: I'm old, jaded and dumb
  15. Whilst a clean low km original car may be worth bookoo coin the modified rust repaired variants will still be only 5 figure cars. People will pay for clean OEM's, like every other classic, but modified is less desirable. The yanks have over inflated the prices for these cars because of their love of F&F, once the dust has settled, like every orher massed produced classic the price will stabilise. The time now is the sellers market. Remember the GTS, GTHO and Shelbey prices 10 years ago, what are they worth now? Don't get dragged into to futures markets with cars unless they are "limited edition" type cars. Meh, my VX SS is currently (apparently) worth 100% more than what I purchased it for.......LOL, luckily for me I have all the parts to return it to 100% stock, which is what people are looking for. IRT my SS, It will be worth the sum of its parts when I'm finished with it because I use it like a dirty bitch. LOL at the people who treat their cars as investments and don't truly enjoy them. Do a maaaaaaaaaad skid for baby Jebus ya maaaaaaaaaaad karnts. Lets race!
  16. Because I like the casual drive an auto gives. I loved manuals in small sporty cars, and I wouldn't use anything other than a manual on a circuit, but now I don't play race car driver anymore, I want something that is effortless to drive in traffic and fun at the drags. As for the autos giving horrendous performance, it depends on what you use it for, the old slush boxes are fairly reliable and robust, cheap to replace, and importantly, cheap to modify. Stock, yes a slush box has some issues, but from my experience they come into their own with some minor modifications i.e shift kit, cooler, high stall. And as an avid car abuser, they are cheap, how much does a DCT or CVT cost to replace. A for around $5k you can get a slushbox that can hold over 1000hp. They slush box seem to be working well in the new Zupra. Meh, each to their own.
  17. Z06 LS7, YES PLEASE, I'll take an auto please. I'm old and am enjoying LS slush box life. Those Corvettes are legitimate weapons and sound boss when your on the loud pedal. I cannot understand the yanks fascination with the old RB's, yes they were good, but compared to stuff that the yanks can get local for a typical price??????? Meh, the grass is aways greener.
  18. I only wish I could piss away cash. I would buy it, daily it for a while, then track it until it broke, then, rebuild it, boost the bejebus out of it, and then, typically, I would crash it... Then buy another one to rinse and repeat.
  19. Some of it has to do with dying baby boomers and redistribution of wealth. At my age (55) I know quite a few people that are now getting inheritances consisting of multiple properties and other large assets. A couple of my friends are in this boat, mum and dad invested well, and now the kids, who are now in their 40-50's are riding high. One guy I know well from my youth ended up selling/cashing in all the assets during the settlement and became instant multi millionaire. He now owns a heap of classic cars and bikes, he basically found the best condition stuff he alway wanted and dropped the cash. Now his biggest concern in life is needing to buy a bigger house because the current one has run out of places to park up all the stuff he has and the other stuff wants. Good on him, because you cannot take it with you.
  20. Is this one of the "rebuilt by NISMO" cars, fully stripped down and rebuilt in Japan? There was a purple 34 a while ago that some aussie guy had rebuilt there, cost was apparently, alot... Meh, rich people and their toys #IwishIwasrich
  21. Oil cooler was a little tricky, but it is on and doesn't leak...yet.... Still don't have a temp gauge for it, I'm looking for a dip stick oil temp gauge. The bike did get well hot in traffic though, air cooled bikes and traffic jams are not good bed fellows. Adds about 200ml to the system In other news, my jacket is being held up by COVID "apparently", hopefully no #becauseCovidexcuse for my high stall
  22. LOL I actually liked the look Until....... What has been seen cannot be unseen Hopefully the police bike that watched me riding down the breakdown lane on the M5 yesterday cuts me some slack due to my bikes COVID-19 PPE compliance..
  23. Apples and oranges really. There will never be the hype for the new Z like the cult status of the 80-90's early 2000 Japanese hi-po Nissans. Plus you would be able to park the Z in the city and return 4 hours later and it would still be there, unlike a R32-33-34 GTR. The Z is a nice modern sports coupe which I would love as a daily, the Skyline GTR's are next level, but, require a lot of sacrifice.
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