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  1. So when the tuner askes me what my goals are in relation to boost, my answer should be.....MAD DOSE....
  2. The eldest girl got on the turps and left her car at Menai. Obviously me and the Mrs had to go pick it up because she is to lazy to do it herself and her mum will not say no to her. In saying that, I rarely say no to the Mrs, I might be dumb but I'm not stupid.
  3. It's a silencer. IMO it's a bandaid for poor design. Take it out and its louder, put it in and its quiter, quiter due to restriction.
  4. Strange that it wasn't stripped? Logan, the bogan central of Queensland, to dumb to make a profit off crime..
  5. R32-31-30-34-33 Yes, other than a 32 GTR I would rather a R31 GTS-R than any of the others. 30, watched it racing at Bathurst, would like a RS 31, watched it racing at Bathurst, would like a GTS-R 32, watched it racing at Bathurst, would like a GTR 34, looks OK, designed by a kid? 33, I had a boat, has not aged well, reminds me of a Toyota Soarer. On a related subject, lots of trash talk with no lap times. Do any of these cars actually run? In finishing up, I wish I didn't sell my 31 Wagon, that thing was mint...😥
  6. Nice job, pipe bending is tricky, I use to do a bit of it years ago instrument fitting, I had swaglok fittings on all my stuff. Looking forward to start up
  7. The engine would, everything back from the gearbox though? I've been in a couple of boosted twins, the added small increase in power makes a big difference. Whilst the turbo had all the whooshy, the supercharger just felt so much smoother in it's power delivery. Anyways, time to start squirreling away cash in the bottom draw away from prying eyes. What she don't know can't hurt me...I hope...
  8. I 100% agree, Toyota 86 = MX5, but, if your flippant with your money they an be "more fun". Just like a 500hp Skyline is "more fun" than a 300hp one. What I initially wanted was a S15, but most are trash or, in the case of a mint car low km car, like I wanted, at least 30k ish, for a old car. If I got a S15 they are pretty slow stock, and handle average, so work would need to be done anyway, albeit alot less than the 86 to eek out some more power. So, in the end the only cheap new RWD manual Coupes that are available are the twins. Will I lose money, hell yeah, no where near as much as I lost with my R33 adventure though. Right now my car is as fun as ten fun things, but everything can be improved. As long as gearboxes are not a consumable item I will be happy, hence a supercharger, as the torque produced down low is much less than a turbo. The weak link in the twins is the aisin.
  9. Would be prohibitively expensive to be reliable, and problematic for rego. Dropping $10-15k on the 86 is pretty stupid and hardly justifiable, dropping double that would be idiotic. I might be stupid, but I'm not a idiot (anymore)...
  10. It's been floating around for a few years, cost, $8.5k ish, install isn't tricky. Turbo (quality) costs roughly the same.
  11. Nah, I will procrastinate about ACE headers, clutches, flywheels, injectors, AOS and flex for a few months at least. If I can swing it maybe even slugs and rods, but that starts to cost really big dollars. "Apparently"
  12. Currently, I believe, your wifes Tiguan has more power and better fuel economy than my 86, LOL. In the end I just need more power for good skids, not epic power skids, just good skids. Skids are fun...
  13. It's the way of the future, the logistics are tricky. Ev requires E, so: Hydro power- limited Coal powered power plant- LOL coal, greenies love that shit. Nuclear power plant- LOL again, but, with new tech, lots of small plants may be feasible. Where is all this E coming from, SA can barely, doesn't, keep the lights on at night during the summer, how are they going to cope with a couple of million cars on charge overnight? I say enforce a sustainable population, cut it from 25 million to 8 million, and keep it there 1 child policy should set us right in roughly 1 generation. My future policies E85 fuel at every servo, free beer on days ending in "y", 3 day working week, people who drive slowly in the right lane publicly flogged..... VOTE 1 MLR for King of Australia Jobs for the boys are a certainty
  14. Not rare, just complied as a 5 seater not 4. From my research all r32 floors pans have attachment points for the middle rear, you can install belts and comply as 5, or not and 4. I've sat in the middle rear, it's rubbish.
  15. Ive used stainless pot scourers. Best stuff is fuel foam. The main thing is to build it so you can service/clean it easy.
  16. I remember trying to tune my triple SU LJ, mad fail, I had one mechanic mate who could get them running sweet, would cost me a six pack every couple of weeks to keep them on point. Tuning by ear is a lost art.
  17. Salpingitis is inflammation of the fallopian tubes, caused by bacterial infection. Common causes of salpingitis include sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhoea and chlamydia. Salpingitis is a common cause of female infertility because it can damage the fallopian tube.
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