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  1. where abouts is the cage? can the rear seats still fit in without modification?
  2. slide sell em brand new for less delivered????.....................................
  3. yeah was only seeing wat use thought of it, was an extra 400 bucks to do it.... but yeah i'll run wat i have n change from there, im still using stock cams and intake plenum so tune on that then upgrade cams then tune and see the difference
  4. hey guys n maybe gals.... i've recently recieved my new gt35r but have been wondering about whether or not increasing my compressor wheel to 66mm will be of any benifit to me, see the reason i question it is my hp target is between 450hp-500hp at the wheels but im not after anymore than that as engine may not handle the power, i have spoken to the turbo place who i got it from and they believe that the upgrade is not neccassary for the power im after, also increasing to the 66mm compressor wheel would make the turbo abit lazier as it requires more shaft energy to spin it... the ONLY reason i was looking at the upgrade really was to try make the power with not such a hi boost level (25psi or around about) if upsizing comp wheel was going to help me achieve that power at a lower boost level then i would do it, otherwise i will leave turbo as it is....your thoughts>?????
  5. hey bro can u send me some pics of the rims??? perfect size for wat im after.. cheers
  6. im sorry but that sounds like aload of crap to me, running this turbo bag will have NO effect watsoever on engine wear, how a turbo bag has any relevance to engine wear im not understanding so those mechanics might need to explain to us that reason coz i sure as hell am curious to see how.....
  7. yeah i seen the china copy of greddy plenums up close n personal and they are less than par, after a clean up they "may" work fine..
  8. bouncing off the limiter shouldnt effect knock reading to much, mates 400hp 180 drifting on track never see's a knock reading higher than 35 and he bounces off limiter endless times.. a mate of mine used to record a knock reading of 95 when he started his car up on pfc h/c but once cleared and driving never went abover 30 knock, yet 95 on startup... bizzare
  9. yeah i got one on my hi mount gt35 setup, workks good, bit scary when u first put it on though, kinda smokes n mine caught fire around the edges when car was on dyno getting tuned haha but yeah would highly recommend
  10. yeah that would scare the pants off me if mine knocked to that, highest ive seen on mine was 50 and thats because a certain someone got abit throttle happy before it was tuned <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
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