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  1. HKS SUPER FIRE RACING (M SERIES) x 10 10 Pieces Brand New 50003-M40HL $250 (negotiable, just wanting to let go) HL Type φ12×26.5mm 14mm NGK #8 SUPER FIRE RACING M40HL 50003-M40HL D6010-JF10B Nissan Cylinder Assy-Brake Master Brand New Nissan GTR R35 Brake Master Assy $300 (negotiable, just wanting to let go) Contact me 04-31039966, prefer Whatsapp or Text. Items at Perth, WA.
  2. Some cruises with friends driving the same car. Mine is the white one with normal plate and black boot. Will see you guys around!
  3. Got 3 different black and decided to go for the one to match the carbon vinyl, lol.
  4. Brought the film all the way back from China and tried it on straight away when I got back to Australia, lol. Was a pain to put it on as it was my first time doing the films, liked the matt black but yours definitely look better! By the way, had a few times where cop is just right behind me and never got stop. Only once when they flashed me because I forgot to turn on my lights, lol, but no stop.
  5. I just got mine from JustCar yesterday through online application, quoted around $1200 for a year, 24 years old, driving license since 18, no bad history records. I have one question though, does JustCar cover windscreen/door glasses?
  6. http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/349292-v35-g35-350gt-skyline-parts/ I think he have the driver side window when I called him few days ago, give it a try! Hope you find it!
  7. Thanks people! I ordered one from General Japanese Spares and at a much cheaper cost! =] Will update and see how is the condition once it arrived and fitted on. xD Hopefully it's not too hard to put it on?
  8. Sweet, so high chance it will fit then! But unfortunately they are asking 500+ for the postage, which make it around the same to get it here in Australia, lol. =[ I got another quote of $1100 new (fitted) but 3 months wait and $1300 used (fitted) 2 days wait. Best choice so far is getting the one from Nissan here at $800 and fit it myself. But I will still give a few wreckers some call, hopefully one will pop up soon, and thanks guys for the help! Seriously I should have get it insured, it is costing more than half a year of the insurance fees now, lol, I've only got the car for 2 weeks. =[
  9. I have a break in last night and smashed my passenger door window, having a hard time looking for a replacement in Australia, called up all wreckers and none have it, Nissan is charging me $800 for that piece of glass, just thought it's way too expensive. So I tried looking on the Ebay and found some for the G35, a used one but at a much cheaper price, just wondering will that fit on our V35 though? The Gs are left hand drive and ours are right hand drive. By the way, mine is a coupe.
  10. Same here, looking to import one myself as can't find any on carsales that I like, Auto, White, Leather or Half Leather, etc. From WA.
  11. Is there any car detailer around Perth that offer full services like, washing, polishing, waxing? I can only do the washing myself and have no idea how to polish/wax.
  12. I'm currently looking at a 03' V35 Skyline and a 05', both automatic. What I've noticed between them are the different gear knob, other than the look, is there any real difference between the transmission at all? Does both adapt the CVT? Thanks!
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