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  1. DAMN IT, I literally threw mine out about 5 days ago, sorry mate!!
  2. I have 4 R34GTR Rims in good condition I need to sell to fund tune in a few weeks. Tyres will not be road legal. Location: Cairns Can ship Give me a call on 0416 669 258 for any more info. Asking 1500ono + postage PM me for pics as they will not upload.
  3. Hey Guys I have a set of Sard 800cc injectors that came out of my R32 GTR after about 2 weeks of driving. (went up to ID 1000's) They are almost brand new saw about 600k's of Driving. Contact me on 0416669258 or jakegoodwin@hotmail.com if interested Chasing $550.00, $600.00 including standard fuel reg and rail. PM me for pics as they won't upload due to size!!! Flow Rate Type Impedance Hole Coupler Color Coupler Form Dead Time 800cc TOP Low 2 Yellow green Oval 1.10msec Thanks Jake!
  4. What sort of time are we looking at for the next round? I would like a purple set for a 32gtr 356mm front and 330 rear with street pads and the handbrake kit to cairns
  5. Any chance of more? Chasing a purple set for 32 gtr 356 front and 330 rear with the handbrake kit and the street pads to cairns
  6. I am chasing a set of injectors to suit an R32 GTR as one of mine is well and truly dead. If anyone has a single 32 GTR injector that would be perfect if not a full set would be good. Feel free to send me a pm with what you have and what price your chasing plus cost of EXPRESS shipping to Darwin NT. injector must be working!!! Cheers Goodwin
  7. Has it got stock injectors and if so are they for sale? Would make my day if they were!
  8. care to provide a little more info? Mercury quoted me 1600 to do the service didn't know if that was about the right price or not.
  9. Hey guys, so I just bought my first GTR. Needs its 100,000k service can anyone recommend a shop around the Hendra area and give me a general idea of how much a 32 GTR 100,000k service is? Thanks in Advance. Jake
  10. How would you feel doing that to a GTR
  11. Hey mate, do you have the large plastic cover that sits under the steering wheel, the one the fuse box is located in and the fuse box cover, if so how much and what condition?
  12. Hey guys, what I'm looking at doing is wiring an extra light in my car, however i want it to turn on/off when my doors open and close respectively, much the same as the roof light. How would i go about doing that, which wires would i need to solder into etc, any help would be greatly appreciated!
  13. Hey guys, looking at doing this to my R33 had a few questions on the noise side of things as it is illegal for me to be doing this (P plater) how loud and noticeable is it?
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