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  1. *EDIT* Selling R33 GTR Fiberglass Spoiler to suit R33, spoiler is in good condition looking at around $220 PM ME
  2. Selling R33 GTR Fiberglass Spoiler to fit R33 GTS-T, spoiler is in good condition looking at around $220 PM ME
  3. spotted a KB 33 again on port wakefield.
  4. spotted KB 33 down bridge road around 6.30ishpm
  5. hiya mate yeah thats me in the white 33, your the one in the black 32 yeah? well anyway nice meeting ya and enjoy your stay
  6. hey guys was wondering does anyone know whens the next SAU dyno day? been to the last one last year at dyno dynamics on south road or something, didnt able to enter my car as i was too late..
  7. Front pipe works great! cheers mate.
  8. spotted a GTR R34 with GTR R34 number plates at paralowie around 2pm in the car park.. looks mint as!
  9. Spotted KB 33 this morning at 9 at the intersection of main north road and grand junction road. gave ya wave =]
  10. ahaha that'll be pretty cool to have as a SAU sticker lol
  11. never thought about getting a job at the insurance company lol
  12. ill get the front pipe off ya, ill pick it up this sunday or monday.
  13. i have a immobilisers in my car and my remote and spare remote that doesnt work, it seems like i always have to hotwire my car just to start it up lol took me awhile to figure it out..
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