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  1. Gidday, Chasing the bracket for the Air Conditioning dryer on a series 1, R33 (see attached photo) Also require the short alloy pipe which connects the dryer to the condenser. Let me know if you have these and cost including postage to Ipswich, Qld. Contact via email: [email protected] Thanks
  2. The idle on my R33 is slightly low (600rpm) in Park it is a little hesitant and seems to have a slight miss. Put the car in Drive and it idles perfectly. What am I missing here?
  3. Hi, I have a 1993 R33 gts-t Series 1 coupe. Will series 2 tail lights fit? Is there any difference between the Series 1 and Series 2 tail lights? Coupes, sedans? Appreciate any advice
  4. R33 Breather Tank Hi, I have an R33 Rb25det. Have fitted a Greddy style forward facing intake manifold. As I no longer have the factory air bleed plug, is fitting a Radiator Breather Tank advisable to purge all the air? I was looking at one and hose connections. Top one on the tank to the overflow. Next one down on side of tank connected to the radiator overflow, and the bottom one to the lower radiator hose. Is there a requirement to connect another on the side to the top of the intake manifold? It is lower than the overflow outlet on the radiator? Any advices appreciated
  5. R33 Series 1 RB25DET - Heater pipe Wanted - R33 Series 1 Heater Pipe Hi, I'm after the steel 19mm pipe which runs between the thermostat housing and behind the oil/water exchanger below the inlet manifold - to suit Series 1 R33 Rb25Det. Any help appreciated. A photo is attached. More than happy to pay a reasonable price for the steel pipe and hoses and postage; or can pick up in Brisbane/Ipswich area kind thanks
  6. Wanted - R33 Series 1 Heater Pipe Hi, I'm after the steel 19mm pipe which runs between the thermostat housing and behind the oil/water exchanger below the inlet manifold - to suit Series 1 R33 Rb25Det. Any help appreciated. A photo is attached. Happy to pay for and postage; or can pick up in Brisbane/Ipswich area kind thanks - Merry Christmas
  7. Chasing a set - front and rear standard R33 coil springs - so if you have fitted a lowered set of Kings Coils and have the standard coils just sitting in your shed gathering dust, then send me a message on 0403829350. I'm in the Ipswich/Brisbane area.
  8. $9400 and you've got a bloody nice car in perfect condition.
  9. Car travelled only 30,000kms since full rebuild of engine, auto, new paint and upholstery. Engine rebuilt by Alex Cowie from Cowie Performance Engineering. Engine has Forged Pistons, mild head wrk with new valve springs retainers etc Jun Oil Pump Collar with N1 pump New timing belt kit, and water pump (genuine Nissan) Greddy type Plenum 555cc JECS Injectors with Spitfire Coil Packs 3 core Alloy Radiator with remote Header Tank Quality Intercooler Z32 AFM and new Pod Turbo Smart Blow off valve plumbed in Full 3" system Just retuned by Sean at RFI with very mild tune running only 8psi, capable of 18psi Walbro in tank fuel pump Recoed Starter motor and Alternator Mace Engineering Cold Air Intake Manifold Insulator Auto Recoed with MV Automatics Stage 2 shift kit Lowered Kings Coils all round with front and rear camber adjusters HICAS lock bar fitted Full Leather Interior Great paint in AU Ford Naroma Blue Pearl New Koya - Drift Tek mags 17 x 8 and 17x9's Tyres are Kumo 235/45/17's and 255/40/17"s New Windscreen fitted 12 months ago Rego till August and RWC will be supplied on sale Denis 0403829350. Located In Ipswich Queensland $10,000
  10. Kind thanks for the reply Matt. I'm retired and enjoy just driving my R33. I'm just stumped that this drop in rpms when I slow down/decelerate quickly from only 60kph causes the revs to very quickly drop to 1000 revs and sometimes down to 400rpms before it picks up. There have been a number of times when it simply stops. No changes have been made to the engine configuration (the blowoff valve has not been altered in location etc) and previously I had no issues like this. I have since removed the blowoff valve to see if that makes any difference but it has not. I have just noticed that the revs drop less when I decelerate quickly in 3rd gear rather than overdrive? Maybe an auto issue? thanks again, and I appologise if an old fart like me has jumped into the wrong forum.
  11. Thanks Scotty. I was hoping that someone may have had an answer or at least a few possibilities...... A mate had a few issues and spent $800 on a dyno only to be told that they couldn't find an issue with his car; so maybe I'm not yet ready to throw $800 or more out the window. Just yet anyway
  12. ECU is Nistune. No problems re stalling in the years before and this ECU and BOV was installed then
  13. Hi guys - I need some help, Have an R33 with slightly modified rb25det - high flowed turbo, slightly bigger injectors, coil packs just basic upgrades. It's been fine for years (only done 15000kms since rebuild) but in the last 6 months it has stalled twice and when your just at say 2000rpms and you quickly take your foot off the accelerator the rpms drop to 400rpms and it almost stalls before it hesitantly picks up again. It has stalled twice but you pull up put in in Park - (Yes it's an Auto) and it starts up fine. It has a turbo smart blow off valve which I've cleaned and tried in soft and hard settings - makes no difference. I've changed the CAS and no change. Cleaned the AFM - it's a Z32. Done the usual plugs, new pod, fuel filter etc. You can rev the engine up to 2500/300rpms when stationary in the garage in neutral and lift off the accelerator and no problems. It runs smooth and I'm stumped. Any advices greatly appreciated. Denis
  14. Well after checking all possibilities I turned to the Turbosmart BOV. After winding it back to the softest setting I discovered no more idle issues. Why?? You tell me.
  15. Thanks Cal. I'm running a Nistune ECU as it was the best with the Auto. I will check the TPS.
  16. The engine was fully rebuilt with forged piston, greddy intake manifold, larger injectors, hi flowed turbo, turbosmart blowoff valve, bigger intercooler, Z32 AFM (cleaned regularly) etc etc. The engine has only done 12,000kms in 4 years. There are no mud issues in the AAC or any of the usual issues that are eluded to the great how sections. Idle is perfect with no fluctuations while sitting. It's only occasionally when you take you foot off the gas to slow for lights etc that the idle drops to 500rpm or lower and then rights itself. This has only occurred in the last few weeks. I was swaying towards the Turbosmart blowoff valve, but all checked and cleaned and appears OK Would a TPS cause this? I thought it unlikely. Sorry if I was somewhat grumpy; you get that way when you're over 60.
  17. Advice like that is commonly referred to as political speak - an answer when you have no bloody idea; so why bother replying
  18. Hi My R33 has developed an odd idle issue when you back off acceleration. The car has an auto box. You can be driving along and take your food off the gas to slow down for a set of lights and the Revs will occasionally drop as low as 500rpm and then bounce back to normal; this does not happen every time though. I have had two occasions when the engine stopped, however it starts and idles perfectly and drives without issue. I've cleaned the AFM, new air cleaner, new plugs. Any advices? Thanks Denis
  19. Nissan Skyline R32 GTST dash cluster low kilometres - 88,811kms. $50.00 plus $15.00 postage. Call or message me on: 0403829350 Pickup is OK. In Ipswich/Brisbane area
  20. Hi Chasing a 1994 R33 Series 1 Skyline (2 door) Drivers Side Power Window Motor and regulator also the Power Window Master Switch. I'm in Ipswich but happy to travel around Brissy or west up to Toowoomba if you're wrecking an R33. Please message me on my mobile - 0403829350. Denis
  21. Gidday, Does anyone have aftermarket bearing numbers for the Kingpin Bearings - Upper (a sealed self lubricating) and Lower (a 15 ball open self centering bearing) for a 94 R33 GTST. kind thanks
  22. So no one knows how to remove and replace the Kingpin Bearings on a R33 GTST? Anyone got aftermarket Part Nos Thanks
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