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  1. WOOO!! I finally have a friend!! lmao

  2. finally getting my gts in a couple of weeks

  3. really? like hard hard to find? also how much do you reckon i would i be looking at spending for a 2000 Gt-t 4 door in manual with low k's
  4. yeah im pretty much set with research i got two friends that are heavy skyline fans and both own r34's. im thinking cause i love the 4 doors il keep my first one stock and once off p's keep it and get a gtt. or can you buy gt-t skylines in 4 door?
  5. yeah i know but wasnt sure that a gtt was roughly same price until mentioned above, and figured i was doing it the cheaper way till i researched it
  6. im planning on putting 3 8' JL subs onto the back shelf in the boot of the skyline. but i gotta save for my alipine headset thats like $1700
  7. Yeah your probs right be much easier to just wait till im off my p's. plus if i dont spend the money on the MFD it means i can put more towards sound and shit. thanks for the help mate.
  8. Yeah that. ive always loved the look of it and the fact it has everything. where about would i be looking to purchase something like that and how big a wiring job is it?
  9. yeah that kinda new to skylines and was just wondering the costs involved in hooking something up like that
  10. im planning on buying a non turbo skyline and doing it up putting a greddy turbo in it among other things and was wondering Is it possible to purchase the gtr on boarrd computer seperately by any chance and roughly how much it will cost?
  11. i used to thrash forza on 360 but got over it. once you play gt on ps3 you will never go back
  12. need a job to get 12 k for my wish list (see about me)

  13. Im planning on purchasing a 2000 nissan skyline r34 25 gt in 4 door in a few weeks. the car is imported and is stock as a rock. I was wondering what options i have in regards to body kits for the car that arent to much hassle to fit?
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