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  1. FC-Datalogit for sale Haven't used this for about 3 years. Bought it new. Tuned maybe 3 cars with it. No CD but that's not a big deal. Will transfer to new owner to get access to the forum. Great condition $300 Eastern suburbs Melbourne. $20 to send wherever you like
  2. racepace you will need fairly hefty budget though
  3. Anyone willing to share CAD file of RB26 sump flange?
  4. Hi all, Is there a way to modify the series 1 RB26/RB25/RB20 Ignition system to incorporate coils with built in ignitors and completely avoid running the ignitor? Has anyone done this? Cheers, Jazza
  5. So this mate of mine has decided to sell his V35 because he can't stand the thought of some douchebag scratching it in a carpark LOL True Story Owned by a mature owner, all mods done are within legal limits and include quality parts without short cuts. Aftermarket accessories include: - 20inch deep dish rims (unmarked with new tyres) - Stainless exhaust system (very clean/crisp note - not too loud) - Eclipse sound system including TV, DVD, SATNAV, MP3 etc - JVC Sub/Amp (good base that will not shatter windows) - Mongoose black wiring alarm system (insurance approved) Low kilometers with full books and history come with the car. Prefer a straight sale, however may consider trades for cheaper vehicle plus cash adjustment my way. Check out his ad on Carsales: V35 For Sale - Carsales If you want something clean and no hassles. PM or call Jarrad on 0405926838. Or contact him directly via the carsales ad. Cheers.
  6. Thanks guys. I will check out the kits, but the info I am after is results of running these setups if anyone has used them. Cheers
  7. Hey All, Plan on re-jigging my 26 to run an external moroso oil pump and fab up a sump extension which will pick up from a -10 fitting to the moroso pump. then travel the usual route through filter, cooler and back to the block. Removing stock pump and blocking stock pick up. Couple of questions: 1) anyone else done it with decent info on any dramas you had. 2) what oil restrictor size should I go with. (was thinking 1.1mm) 3) Would rear drain be required with this setup or could I get away with it? Cheers guys, Jazza_s14
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