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  1. so its not connected to the ecu?? I thought as much ! :)
  2. Whats the sensor that's in the cat ?? Does anyone know?? I've just pulled mine out & found this sensor attached ...
  3. So, i have an update.... I was driving it to the place i was getting it looked at.... the light came on while i was driving & i lost all power... I changed down gears & pumped the accelorator, until i finally regained power & it made a bang sound... then i regained power & it hasnt boosted so hard since i have had it. ANDDD the light hasnt come back on since :) Im de-gutting my cat this weekend, so i will see how it goes again....
  4. Yeah i think at this stage im just going to gut the cat..... Ive got the boost pretty low so i doubt thats it..... i honestly think ive got a few dramas atm.. which isnt unexpected, its an old car But she is still my girl no less!
  5. From what ive read it doubles as the engine light/cat temp warning light
  6. I just checked the oil level - just to see.... Its on high, but it smells a bit like fuel (not sure if thats normal or not) But the cat light/engine light doesnt flash - it stays on & the car wont start .... when it cut out on me whilst idling the other day it came on & the car turned off within a second... it was weird... Im pretty sure ive got two issues going on atm... Im going to do an oil pressure test & gut the cat at this stage... see whats going on... Because mine is an earlier GTR im not sure if it has two sensors for the cat or just the one... a mate was saying if there is two i think you can disconnect it & bridge it somewhere ( i cant quite remember) Ive got an Apexi Power FC here ready to go in if need be
  7. Sherrybaby

    GTR <3

    My GTR - Melody
  8. Yeah, it does have a few issues...... I think i might take it to a specialist..... Anyone know any good ones in/around Wollongong it would make sense though if the altenator was going dead - that wld explain the battery light & also the Cat/engine light - but oil pressure... not so sure... The gentleman who i bought it from said he has recently replaced the battery... so it could be a start point
  9. But would that cause the car to just not turn on? i am a bit confused as to why the battery light & oil pressure lights are coming on too & would it normally completely shut the car off?
  10. Hey guys, I have just recently purchased my 89 GTR..... I've had it for a couple of weeks & now i'm having starting issues - when i start it, its sometimes a little rough but fine when i drive, but if i try and start it while its warm or leave it idling the cat light comes on & the car shuts itself off- mind you its only idling for 30 seconds tops, battery light comes on & also the oil pressure goes right down & light comes on also. I have absolutely not a clue whats causing it.. Any ideas?!
  11. i beg to differ... you whinge like a girl would
  12. and explain to me why your opinion would matter, after all.. if it was up to you id be having babies and permanantly in a kitchen!
  13. Thanks, But i'll pass. After all i actually want my engine to work.
  14. oh yeah thats right.... so i should just let some male who probably knows nothing about my car build my engine and drive it?
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