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  1. For Sale R32 GTR Samco radiator hoses blue, complete with ss clamps, like new $80 freighted Aus wide R32 gtr spitfire coils, good working condition, seen just under 600 hp no issues, reason for sale due upgrading, complete coils, loom, igniter, $340 freighted Aus wide RB26 deatchwerks , BRAND NEW 42M-01-1200-6 - 1200cc Low Impedance Injectors fits Nissan RB26DET. $550 freighted Aus wide Aeroflow blue silicon joiners like new $40 freighted R32 Gtr twin guage pillar mount, I believe Greddy, has been wrapped in Alcantara, good condition, $240 shipped R32 GTR clutch master cylinder, mint condition, no leaks, works fine, $40 freighted aus wide R32 GTR factory Alternator, works great, good condition $75 freighted aus wide, Selling due to upgraded parts, everything in with new or good working condition,
  2. Wanted r33 gtr power steer pump set up, Cheers
  3. Chasing a r32 cambelt cover, in alloy
  4. Hey mate, you still got the shell? Looking for s small cut from boot? Cheers
  5. Hey mate, you still got the car? I’m after a section of the boot well if in good condition, cheers
  6. Chasing a section of the boot as a cut, small section in spare wheel area, happy to pay shipping etc,
  7. ORC quad plate clutch, suit r32 push clutch, in good used condition, been sitting in shed for last few years, has a few hot spots on surfaces, All in good working condition, very aggressive clutch, all clutch discs in good condition, measuring as below 1= 4.2 mm 2= 5.10 mm 3=5.15 mm 4= 5.10 mm Any more info please message, happy to freight Australia wide. $1500 ono , cost over $3500 new tracked
  8. BRAND NEW Turbo smart 50 mm pro-gate, v band, Black, brand new in box $500 Turbo smart fuel reg, fpr 2000, Black, brand new in box compete, with fuel gauge, fittings, hose ends -06 and 2 meters Teflon -06 hose to suit, $350 $800 for everything shipped Australia wide in tracked airbag, everything brand new never used, paypal or cash on pick up located WA Advertised elsewhere
  9. For sale set of 2 peice Grex or greedy disks,minus centre hats mint condition, wanting $120 plus freight, listed on ebay also $1 reserve, For sale set of r33gtr twin apex I BOVs were removed in working order before car was sold,listed on ebay also,$1 reserve after $140 plus little freight For sale r33 gtr radiator.in good cond,was removed due to upgraded to greedy alloy one $75 plus freight For sale r33 gtr inter cooler few bent fins but in overall good con,with some piping $150. Plus freight For sale r33 brand new gen rb26 r33 Nissan thermostate still in box $20 plus freight Check out listings for first 2 items on ebay as others aren't listed on there yet,all parts are located w.a thanks adam
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