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  1. Damn. I really wish they had $500 RB26's where I live. Would have saved me lots of headaches. 😄 Yea. I was surprised that Otaku didn't do that from the get go. I used an M8 x 80mm bolt to go through everything and thread into the block. Did you make a gasket for in-between the plates as well, or did you just use RTV?
  2. This is correct. the holes lined up perfectly here. So I drilled the threads out and de-burred the holes. There were a couple other holes which almost lined up but were not spot on and would require some enlarging to fit properly. Ill see how it goes, my injector seals showed up this morning so It shouldn't be much longer before I try and fire it up. Ill keep you all posted. -Jordie
  3. Now I understand. Copied from my build thread on Zilvia So. As the saying goes, bolt on is never truly bolt on. This post will detail the mission, rather exercise in frustration that is getting ITBs to fit with the Otaku RB20DET adapter plates. People who have used them have just said that they are tough to get to work correctly but dont offer any details in what the process actually was. To start, I would like to add that they were quick to answer any questions I had over instagram and this isnt a stab at them or anything. When I had mocked everything up on the stand there was a huge interference in between the coolant passage on the Rb26dett intake manifold and where the thermostat would like to live. Turns out that even with the proper parts it would be a game of Millimetres to get everything to play nice. Otaku instructed to get an RB30 thermostat housing for more clearance and to modify the lower coolant passage. I marked in black the areas I needed to further modify the thermostat housing. Modified the coolant passage and machined down the lower screw boss to get it to clear the thermostat housing. Just clears as is but still no room for the lower rad hose. Got the thermostat housing cut and angled down to free up some more space. Also you can see I had to countersink the top bolt hole as well. Everything finally clears. Time for "final" assembly. I also drilled out the threads marked with the "X" this is to allow the fastener to go through both plates into the block. I was concerned that the small area around the front water port wouldn't seal correctly. I made a gasket to go inbetween the two plates and used a light buttering of RTV to make sure everything is sealed correctly. I completed the assembly with an HKS RB26dett intake manifold gasket set. Those are the main hurdles in getting the otaku ITB adapter kit to work on RB20det. I can see why people knock on the kit because its pretty fiddly and doesnt fit out of the box. Now I dont know yet if it leaks or anything. This was just to make it all physically fit.
  4. Sorry for bumping and old post. Just wondering if you or anyone else has any experience in using this adapter plate. If so what were the main hurdles needed to get it to work.
  5. Thanks for your help. The car is an R32 GTS-T I have most of them labeled but it was just these few that were left which leads me to believe that they were for the A/C system. I would if I could. The reason i am having difficulty is because the car was incomplete when I bought it. perhaps I should just run the wires for the headlights, signals, cabin air temp sensor ( which I believe is plug #5 as it is paired off with the horns in the centre of the harness) and horn and remove almost everything else.
  6. Hi All, I am in the process of slimming down my harness and am relocating the fuse box to inside the cabin. As I bought the car with front end damage and without A/C there were many connectors that were not plugged into anything and not being used. Can anyone help me identify these to see if I need them or can go ahead with deleting them. All these connectors are part of the same harness that runs under the rad support and runs power to the headlights ect. Plug 1 (Pretty sure this is for fog lights) But it shares the same connector as the signal so i want to be sure. Plug 2 Plug 3 Plug 4 Plug 5 Plug 6 (most likely for A/C) Plug 7 Any Help is appreciated, I will do a write-up on the wire tuck once completed. I just want to keep the bay as clean as possible Thanks, Jordie
  7. Bay Paint to follow after the intercooler is mocked up.
  8. Hopefully I'll get to drop it in for mock-up after the long weekend. The fuse boxes have been relocated to the glove compartment and It will be receiving a partial wire tuck.
  9. My good friend Liam's 1.5jz which was recently featured in modified magazine Link to the build thead: http://zilvia.net/f/builds-builds-only/423231-build-where-most-cars-arent-cool-1jz-cefiro.html
  10. As the title states, i am looking for an A31 cefiro Climate control Surround. Parts for these cars are impossble to find in Canada So Help is appreciated PM or Email me at Jordielewis@hotmail.com thanks -Jordie
  11. Greetings from Canada. I recently got this Skyline and am on a couple forums, and thought i would join this one in hopes of reading other cool builds, finding cool parts and learning as much as i can about this car Here is My Story haha:D Up until this past december i had been ripping around in a '90 240sx with all the basics, SR, Coils, SSR/ Diamond racing wheels. it started off like this then quickly transformed into this: SR swap, FMIC, SSR Type C's and dumped on megan street coilovers. Then the drifting bug hit me, I started going to track days and really having fun with the car. I bought a bucket and some spare sets of steelies and started really having a blast. Added some oem aero and a wangan wing, Certifying the car for 300km/h+ highway runs down the 401 At this point, Summer 2010, i graduated and got my degree in industrial design. I took a break from design and spent the better part of the summer working for Marketing for GM. I was givin the opportunity to drive celebs for the toronto Film Festival. The S13 got parked for a week and exchanged for a CTS Wagon It was a REAL treat to trade the slammed, 20 yr old 240 for a 2011 rwd caddy And this was my office for the next couple of weeks. had to give it back unfortunately, it was the perfect daily. Came across a set of diamond racing wheels, buddy wanted a straight trade for my shitty sized type C's, thought id give em a go. I totally regret the trade now. but live and learn. The diamonds were pretty aggressive 16x10+0 front and 16x10-12 rear with a 205 50 on them. I admit it looked pretty cool parked, but drove like ****. Since I was offered by the Marketing Team to go on the release team for the Chevy Volt. So i parked the car for another 6 weeks, packed my bags and headed for Cali. This was my car for the next 6 weeks. Techno-tronic. CRX esque My job was to tell salesmen about the cars and then do a quick comparison between the Volt and the current leading eco car the Prius. No comparison at all. but we did have alot of fun Flying around and "autocrossing" the eco cars on our "breaks" The 6 week tour took me from San Francisco, To LA (quick stop at the Final FD round at irwandale) Then to austin texas. At this point i got bored of flying, and opted to go with the Truck Driver for the next Leg, Austin Tx to Washington DC , in 2 days. It was amazing to see the country. We then finished up in NYC. Got back To canada just in time for winter..... Joy. After living it up in the states all fall, I had a bit of spare cash and The S13 either needed money dumped into it, or it was time to move on. It was a hard choice as it was my first car.... I landed a New job in product design, so i decided to splurge. +++++ENTER SKYLINE+++++ DEC 2010 Picked a 93 GTS-T from a good friend as he was moving out west to British Colombia. Came pretty much stock, 143xxx kms 1.5 nismo diff Greddy/ Trust boost controller. Greddy Boost Gauge. Kei Office Coilovers. Nismo Wheels and some other little Things First picture, Also the worst picture ever haha. Got it towed home and washed. Then played with my girlfriends good camera. ***** Yea i have nawwws IT TOOK ME 4 LONG MONTHS TO GET INSURANCE AND JUMP THROUGH EVERY EFFING HOOP AT THE MTO in that time my first product hit the market. Haha its called the Tanda ZAP, its a light therapy device which uses a specific wavelength of light to kill acne causing bacteria. theyre on sale in shoppers drug mart and Sephora cosmetic store. Its pretty neat seeing something you designed go into mass production. My GF found the Ad in her cosmo magazine. Springtime means time to get the car ready for summer and start having fun. I was getting the car ready for bings meet this past may when i came across a little problem....Yea it was split right through. Picked up some new HSD;s problem solved. Car got DE-Winged and got somewhat stanced The rims are Nismo NS5r's 17x9.5+ 25 and fit pretty decently. Scabbed some N1/gts-t non projector lights from my buddys skyline clip lucky me The car then got certified for 300 km/h again thanks to the wangan/ drag wing i picked up from a close friend over here. This last picture was taken from someones cscs album, to bad my cars filthy
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