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  1. and SilverS2 im pretty sure thats 666, not 999 lol
  2. Jasma isnt a brand, it stands for Japanese Automotive sports muffler association, the 3 digit number identifies what brand it is although I dont know what 999 represents.
  3. Hi, i have a JASMA exhaust and i am trying to figure out the brand, it has the number 999 stamped on and its not anywhere on the list i have found: Akiyure Inc. 047 Apekusera Inc. 048 Iida Inc. 130 Ikeda industry 003 A tea sea international Japan Inc. 074 Etching k s Inc. 051 Ebansupuranningu asuretsuku division 129 M-TEC Inc. 002 Otoekuze Inc. 120 Automatic backs seven Inc. 097 Ovuareshingupurodakutsu Inc. 124 Katsu Inc. 088 Car land 119 Kind technostructure Inc. 115 Kakimotoreshingu Inc. 017 Garcon division 114 Can tile office 113 5ZIGEN international Inc. 005 Sun automobile industry Inc. 076 Gee earl Inc. 012 Jieiruto Inc. 013 Gee piece Potts Inc. 125 Jiyaosu Inc. 067 Starting line Inc. 069 Spoon Inc. 044 Possession the Suruga Seiki Inc. 106 Zero sports Inc. 100 Tanabe Inc. 026 Taniguchi Inc. 035 Takeoff Inc. 004 Top line Inc. 110 Trust Inc. 006 Knight sport Inc. 019 Huaburesu Inc. 111 Fujita engineering Inc. 061 Rattan šâ engineering and research industry Inc. (Fujitsubo Giken Co. Ltd.) 001 Free way Inc. 123 Buritsutsu Inc. 021 Hoshinoinparu Inc. 037 HONDA twin cam Inc. 011 Mainzuueibu Inc. 038 Makishimuwakusu Inc. 045 Pine Shaw Inc. 008 Meiwa Inc. 041 Yajima industry Inc. 091 Yamato Inc. 122 Lucky automatic Inc. 126 Love lark Inc. 083
  4. Ok i have had a closer look and Im pretty sure you are right about backlash. All the bushes look mint, nothing wrong with them, but with the car jacked up and in nuetral there is a fair bit of play when i turn the driveshaft before the wheels engage. Does anyone know how to fix this? Will shimming the diff solve the problem or am I up for a new diff? Thanks guys
  5. I'll have a closer look at the mounts tonight, was just wondering if anyone else was experiencing the same problems who has fixed it before. I don't think it is backlash as like I said its not a harsh metal clunk. The jerking happens when in gear, clutch pedal fully released so it's not to do with the revs dropping but good idea anyway.
  6. I'm very used to clutch and its in good condition as far as I know. Not sure what diff backlash is but it's not a metallic sound, more of a thump or thud if that makes sense, when reversing out of the driveway slowly as I push the clutch in to disengage I can feel movement in the gear stick and there is a slight thud. Like I said I don't think it's an engine problem because revs don't change its just the feeling of the car. You know when you first learn manual and do a few kangaroo jumps? It's a similar feeling to that although it does it when it shouldnt. And under reasonably hard acceleration if I go over a little rut in the road the car jerks quite a bit and feels terrible when the rear wheels go over it.
  7. Hi there. My r33 jerks when its in low gear and applying light throttle (around carparks and such) its not an engine problem Its more of a delay when I put my foot on the accelerator and let off and then jerks back and forth a bit if im not super smooth when pressing my foot down. I'm quite sure it's mounts however they all look fine and I was wondering if someone knew which mounts it might be? Engine, transmission or diff? It is a manual by the way, and no matter how smoothly you change gears, when you release the clutch it often clunks a bit, just feels very sloppy so im quite sure its a mounting bush that's stuffed somewhere. Have no Idea which one though. If anyone else has any info that would be great!
  8. Thanks for the advice guys, looks like i'm up for a new seatbelt. Cheers!
  9. Ok so today I tried to take apart my seatbelt so I could make a few more winds on it and give it some more retraction strength, in taking it apart It has unwound and I can't figure out how to wind it back up? The black centre of the clock spring just keeps spinning around without holding any tension, does anybody know what to do?
  10. Hi guys, Im trying to install an immobliser and having difficulty. I have no idea on my r33 which wires to connect to for the fuel pump and the ignition. I havent found a guide anywhere to tell me where these would be on the r33. If anyone could help at all that would be great. Willing to pay money for someone to come out and give me a hand in northern adelaide.
  11. Cheers! Yeah not looking for anything crazy, just something nicer then the stock pizza cutters
  12. Hi guys, looking at a set of drift r 17x8 +30 offset off of an au falcon and I'm just wondering if anyone else has these wheels in this size and offset. I know the pcd will fit and I can buy hub centric shims so that the centre bore will fit my hubs. My question is to do with spoke design. Does anyone know If these will clear gtst brakes in a lateral sense, ie how far the spokes stick outwards from the hub face. If anyone has them in this offset or size and can confirm that these would fit or post pics of the back of the rims that would be a huge help! Thanks guys.
  13. I have a manual and it is not connected nor is there a plug near it that looks like it should be connected to it, does this need to be hooked up for a manual?
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